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08/22/06 | 2:58AM
Don't Hate Me - No Complaints

I've had Verizon DSL since they purchased GTE some years back and couldn't be happier.

They keep increasing my speed and lowering the price. I currently get 3mb for $30 a month. No complaints there and Verizon DSL doesn't require a software package on my box to funcition. I can plug in any computer and instant internet.

I also have my landline through Verizon and recently added mobile too. Solid service at a reasonable price.

It makes me wonder if some of these complaints are anomlies and unique to certain parts of the country. I live in Huntington Beach, California, a former GTE area.

I have seen many companines that are much worse (Comcast and SBC come to mind) and have no complaints whatsoever about Verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9D6E38

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