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11/27/16 | 19:35PM
Verizon Blows

I wanted to switch my shipping address. 7 words. Verizon gave me about an hour of wait time for each word. After going through endless machine-operators,during which I needed to type in my SSN, Telephone #, account holder #, last 4 digits of SSN, last 4 digits of phone #, name, date of birth, year I joined verizon, store location, house location, and current billing address, I finally reached a human. They told me that the problem I had was in the wrong department, so I waited another 45 minutes to get to the shipping department. Once I was there, I was patched to two different operators and eventually the manager, who started to finally help me solve my problem before hanging up on me. When I called back, Verizon said that it's operating hours were over. Switched to sprint the next day. I wish I could be more vocal about how much I hate Verizon, but I hope this'll do for now: F*** you Verizon, I'm taking my money elsewhere.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 93A402

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