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12/08/16 | 17:18PM
Worst signal and service ever

Went from TracFone to Verizon thinking it was the best. Had so many dropped calls, had to sit next to the window in my bathroom or stand outside to make and keep a phone call. Finally (2+ years later) got confirmation from Verizon that they can't provide me with decent service (no s**t). Told me to take in the phone to a store front, they would not charge me anymore. Got a receipt but keep getting a $180 charge for the phone. Spent 4 hours looking for the receipt and on the phone with reps. I was told the Verizon store never noted that the phone was returned. How is that my problem? Found the receipt and took it in. Store guy tells me it takes 5-6 weeks to take the charge off. I worked in a bank and it took 1 day to do that. Now I can't get into the account to pay my daughter's bill (she works and goes to school where she gets service so we didn't change). Going round in circles trying to register her number because there is a secret question that no one the account ever set up. Turns out, TracFone was better and now I'm a Sprint customer. Incredibly easy to deal with, to pay the bill, and to port everything over. To Verizon-can you hear me now? Awful!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F5C173

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01/01/17 | 7:52AM
verizon is typical of any corporate outfit...keep taking every penny possible from every possible customer...gotta fund the thursday afternoon golf outings somehow...the sheep will keep running blindly off the cliff to keep their fb/text accounts up and running!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BB087F

02/26/19 | 10:30AM
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allansf2 - Verizon H8er ID: 594727

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