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03/28/11 | 0:55AM
Service outage. A tree fell on the FIOS cable.

Hi. Glad I found this site. This is only the latest outrage from Verizon I've experienced. I had phone service. Have to tell about the $3000 charge I got when someone stoll my number & used it for lobg distance. Thank God that's gone.
I couldn't get cable so I got FIOS for the net.
The current problem was a tree fell down the road & knock out the fiber connection. I called, figuring, hey! they gotta know the line on the street is broken right? Nope. After 5 minutes with the machine voice I finally got a nice girl who couldn't find me in the system. Took TWENTY MINUTES & her calling a half dozen other people. Then I'm transferred & of course I have to give all my info again. Geez. Then after 46 minutes I get a tech guy who says the line is broken (duh) & they'll send out a repair guy between 8 & 12 the next day. (Like I can sit around all morning. What else is new.). Gonna text me when he's coming. Get a text next day at 8 that I got service coming. Not the guy. 12:30 rolls around-nobody. No text, no call...nothing. So I call. Again they can't find me. 20 more minutes of cell time & we're disconnected. FIOS doesn't call back. I do. Same deal. 20 minutes (really!) of they can't find me in the system. Finally, I'm fed up, say if he shows he shows. 4 o'clock I get a text he's on his way. 2 hours later it's fixed. Whew. Finished (?)

Not quite. I check today & I got two emails. Not asking about the service call, but welcoming me to FIOS. It was an order for new service! Another 60 bux a month for something I already got. On top of that there's some teaser for free for three months & then another 10 bux a month. They charge me automatically on my card, so I'm screwed. & I've found it will take HOURS on the phone to clear this up.
Verizon is a lost cause when it comes to customer service. I talked to a mall Verizon guy who said they don't care about individuals, they have so many customers, they just don't care.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1B0C53

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03/29/11 | 17:45PM
Any surveys in the welcome letter slam them for crappy surveys in detail. Make that district suffer statistically. As strange as it may seem Verizon is no different that other companies who use surveys for statistics & evaluation.

The layering or bureacratizing of service is structured to make you go away and hold down subsequent and repeat trouble reports. Again phone in every trouble no matter the pain.

Make sure you get credit for days out of service. Make this Fios district PAY in money and trouble report outage statistics.

Also make sure you report them to the state utility regulators, the federal communications commission(FCC) and even agencies like the BBB because alot of Fios services are optional pay for services.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BA5542

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