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12/14/16 | 10:14AM
Verizon (& Samsung) can not fix any of their Galaxy S6 or S7 edge broken/cracked/shattered screens.

Verizon and Samsung can not fix any of their broken cracked and shattered Edge screens. It's that simple. If you own any Samsung Edge phone the Galaxy S6 Edge the S6 Edge Plus or the Galaxy S7 Edge do not please I beg of you do not allow the screen to break crack or shatter. As of today December 14th 2016 Samsung there's not any offer any repair service and they do not have any repair service that can fix a broken cracked or shattered Edge screen. In the middle of September of 2016 Samsung sent an internal memo to Verizon corporate that suspended indefinitely the repair of all of their Galaxy phphones, namely the ones that have the edge screen. And as of today 3 months later me the Samsung Note Verizon has any answer or solution and they're unable to fix any and every Edge screen that is broken.

So why my mentioning Verizon. Verizon sold me the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone their name is stamped on the back of the phone I spent a lot of money for this product and a basic repair something as simple as a screen comma every and all cell phone companies have a solution to a broken screen by providing replacement heart and replacement screen and repair process that rectifies and fixes the problem. That is every company except for Samsung and Verizon. This fact is totally unbelievable and completely unacceptable and worst yet Samsung is doing absolutely nothing for the consumer for example if they don't provide a repair they should replace the phone with a new one or refund your money. And Verizon the best responses well did you take out the insurance. With a $200 deductible for basically every single insurance claim and insurance cost of almost $200 just for the premiums over 2 years I prefer to roll the dice and keep the money in my pocket instead of enriching the cell phone companies and the cell phone insurer.

After spending a week Emma Toto of well over 50 hours with Verizon their best solution is that they will swap me out of my 2 year plan or every two years I get a deeply discounted brand new phone also known as the upgrade into their Infamous device payment plan and they will allow me to purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at full price $792 and pay for it monthly over two years.

And they won't budge that's the best offer they have show me and this simple problem of not being able to replace the broken Edge screen with a replacement screen effectively.

What more can I say? I can say it again over and over but I'm sure everybody has heard me loud and clear. I had suggested to Verizon Medicare currently selling a product which they are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that has ice cream that can't be repaired or replaced when it breaks ( the Samsung Galaxy Edge screen), then maybe they shouldn't sell the product anymore or at least for one their customers about this. But hell no that's just not the Verizon way.

Alan D. - Verizon H8er ID: 897290

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12/15/16 | 1:14AM
The Phone is a $800 phone... you made your own choice to buy that phone and made your own choice to \"roll the dice\" and not get insurance. I don\'t understand this complaint at all.. you broke your screen.. no insurance.. that\'s on you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4C5CC5

12/16/16 | 16:03PM
\"Do not allow the screen to break\"

What kind of an IDIOT would \"allow\" the screen to break!?! LOL!

Don\'t get pissy at Verizon and Samsung. You bought a product and didn\'t insure it and then you broke it. That\'s on you. ITS YOUR FAULT. Quit your baby whining and act like an adult.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B5ED0C

12/18/16 | 5:22AM
Reply to the 12/15/16 and 12/16/16 replies.

I\'LL BE POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL - unlike your pathetic imbecile replies to my post. When you buy or lease a car - insurance is optional. Statistically,it\'s not a zero sum game - the insurers and the dealer profit - by and large,the consumer who purchases the insurance loses (money over the long run).The same is true with \"phone insurance\".

But, McFly-wake up !

When your car or a car breaks even if you don\'t have insurance you can still pay and purchase the repair your car needs? yes. correct. absolutely. So all the money that you had paid into the premiums some of that money because chances are you won\'t need all of it will be used and allocated to repair your car.

Same concept with your smartphone. Instead of paying for those monthly premiums for phone insurance and in some cases the origination fee to get the phone insurance contracts started and the minimum $200 deductible for each claim you can simply take that money and put it to the repair. So that\'s why it\'s dumb to take the insurance and it\'s smart not to take insurance. In all due respect to those 2 replies on December 15th and December 16th of 2016 don\'t you understand the point I made? I repeated reiterated and articulated it at least 4 times so I cannot fathom and it\'s unbelievable that you don\'t get the point.

And the point is that Samsung manufactures and sells a product specifically Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge the S6 Edge Plus and the S7 Edge - lineage refers to the screen at the left and right sides this screen is not flat at edges. When The Edge screen breaks cracks or shatters it can\'t be fixed there is no remedy no solution to fix a broken Edge screen. Knowing this, that when an Edge screen breaks, it can be fixed repaired or replaced I find it absurd unethical it should even be illegal for a company like Samsung and Verizon to sell a product knowing that when the edge screen breaks on their smartphone there\'s absolutely no solution to fix that broken screen.

So Einstein here\'s my point regardless of what you have insurance or no insurance the glass display screen on oil of Samsung Edge phones cannot be fixed when they break. Apple Motorola LG every other cell phone and smartphone manufacturer if and when that display screens break they can always be repaired and replaced effectively. Samsung makes the Galaxy with an edge screen option Antoinette Edge screen breaks tough luck too bad we have no way no solution no remedy to fix that broken screen yet it is still actively sold with no warning Buy Samsung and Verizon and I\'m sure by all the other cell phone providers who gave no warning and don\'t stand up or don\'t stand behind the product or something as simple as a broken screen can\'t be fixed.

So call me an idiot jerk and whatever else you want to on your post but I\'m confident that 98% of the people reading this say that you\'re the idiot for not understanding my point.

Alan D - Verizon H8er ID: FA7881

12/20/16 | 14:44PM
What are you taking about?? I\'ve personally had my s6 edge screen replaced. All I had to do was take it to my local phone repair shop and the guy did it for 90 bucks.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B5ED0C

02/25/19 | 8:42AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 8BC844

03/22/19 | 14:11PM
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