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12/21/16 | 19:03PM
Ripped me off 400 dollars for cancelling after 2 days service.

I went to Verizon store in Victor Valley Mall, Victorville Ca. 12-18-16 to get new service the store manager Salvador Ramirez said they had a special if I paid $150 dollars each for 2 galaxy S 7' he said he would also for free give me one Verizon Tablet, he said also he would give me Cases/ screen protector/ cig. recharger free. I said $150 each is that like a next program? will I have payments he said no $150 each today only, I said ok free tablet is there a monthly charge for the table he said no it is included oh I said well I have two foster boys I would like to give them tablets for xmas and he said no problem I will give you a deal $50 dollars a table so I asked him again for sure no monthly charge for use of tablet, can all three sons use it off my wifi he said yes, I said wow ok great so he said $450 today I could do it for you. I said ok great so I payed $450 and he said his printer was down so he couldn't give me a receipt after I signed the contract and he would email me the receipt, omg the next day I got the bill and It said I owe $381 and first month will be $181 ad remember I had already paid $450 My heart stopped omg so I went back there the next day to ask about the bill and of course he wasn't there another sales man Sergio Maldonado said I was miss quoted and there was a $26 dollar financed charge x 2 cells for 24 months and I had to pay $10 each tablet x 3 so extra $30 dollars a month omg I scream at him that is not what I was quoted that is not what the deal was, Salvador Ramirez store manager said If I paid $150 each cell and and $50 dollars for each tablet today witch he charged me $450 and I paid it omg I am beside myself now so I said ok I want to cancel I brought everything back and please cancel it has been 2 days I have up to 14 days to cancel, and he said ok after he was done with refund I about had a heart attack, I knew I would be out the restocking fee usually 35 dollars each but he charge me $35 dollars restocking fee I knew they were going to cheat me out of that, but wait he charged me $70 dollars x3 Tablets restocking fee and $35 per cells x2 and get this every thing else this Salvador Ramirez said he would throw in for me free cases/ screen Protector/ cig lighter charger witch I didn't even want since my new car doesn't have a cig lighter or ash tray, he charged me $406 to cancel the service I had for 2days that I didn't even agree too. miss quoted, lied too omg I am sick about it, I paid $450 and returned everything and he gave me $44 dollars back $44 dollars omg they ripped me off $406 I am crying right now and don't know what to do. I have the receipts of everything here. does any one know how I could get my money back. he lied to me and I signed the contract but when I was waiting for the receipt he said his printer was down omg I should of known right there I was being took. My
email addy is delboudreaux@gmail.com please help

del - Verizon H8er ID: 9C0F54

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01/06/17 | 16:30PM
Never go to the store that is not a real verizon store. They lie even more than real store. Also have them print contract and READ IT before signing.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0C4B53

01/19/17 | 5:44AM
yeah he was real fast talking, and after I signed I was waiting for receipt for contract so I could read it and he was like oh I can\'t give you receipt right now my printer is broken. I will email it to you. But guess what I had the credit card company reveres the charges and my credit card company said as long as I took everything back the next day and I do have a copy of that receipt I wasn\'t going to leave without it. The credit card company said I am good. yee so fuck Verizon they are a rip off.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9C0F54

04/02/19 | 6:24AM
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priscillako18 - Verizon H8er ID: D5E5F0

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