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12/27/16 | 18:31PM

I have decided to file a complaint and report Verizon to the FEderal Trade Commission (Link provided for others who wish to do the same)


After my home burned down in June 2016 I decided to switch internet providers. The Verizon salesperson gave me two speed options 3 or 15. He told me that if I choose the 3, I would be able to stream movies and have 3 to 4 people connected at the same time. I agreed and paid my bills promptly and dilegently.

Within the first month of having the service I started to notice that, even though I was the only one home connected to the WiFi, webpages wouldn't load, YouTube videos wouldn't play and I was constantly having to defer to my Sprint cellular data. Sprints data is expensive a reason why I have WiFi.

I would have called Verizon Customer Service right then and there but my sister was in the middle of chemotherapy for breast cancer and I had just found out that my dad was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer. So Verizon was the last thing I wanted to deal with.

After a couple months of having what amounts to less then circa 1998 dial up, I called customer service. Of coarse I was on the phone forever and they tested this and that; changed this and that setting. Assuring me that my issue was resolved. Within 24hrs I knew nothing had changed and I still had prehistoric speed.

On 12/22/16 I called again, knowing that I had purchased an Xbox for my boys (who had been through hell this year) and wanting to ensure they had no problems on Christmas. Again, tested this & that. Changed this & that. ASSURING me that my boys would be good for Christmas. The billing office even gave me a $30 credit.

First, I received an email stating that I was credited $30. (Only the account number was wrong and to this day I still haven't received their "slap in the face" credit. Second, with no other device connected to wifi but the Xbox, on 12/26 the one game had been downloading for over 24hrs and was still at 16%.

I called again and spoke with Krishna, he used a site other than Verizon's and saw my speed was 0.6 and assured a tech would be out. At this point Billing needed to make my account right. Jonathan (who said he works in the Arizona office) refused to look any further into my misplaced credit. When I asked about a full refund or speed increase; his response was I'm not eligible.

So after all this; I am filing a complaint with the FTC

I am filing a complaint with the BBB

I just hope more people complain to the right people!

HJB - Verizon H8er ID: 81863E

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01/05/17 | 2:55AM
Wish I had time to waste on bs like this, no one is going to help you, bbb is a paid listing ffs.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0FF858

01/06/17 | 19:28PM
Wow I feel bad for you. Hope Verizon gets shut down!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BF9572

01/17/17 | 22:18PM
complain to your state attorney general and the federal communications commission too. Don\'t you love these guys.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CCC592

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