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01/02/17 | 20:49PM

BLAH!! So, we're all well aware of how our bill increases on the second year of our contract, and that's only including the package we agreed to. A lot of us have long-forgotten free trails that run out as well on the same month, like once-free HBO and Showtime that we may or may not have used for that first year. Well, I bit the bullet and paid the inflated bill that first month, and promptly contacted customer services to have these two services removed so I wouldn't be paying for the extra costs that I don't even use the next month. The first person I spoke to ended up disconnecting me, and the second was much more pleasant and said he had removed both and even told me what my bill would be the next month (much lower!). So, I was happy. But oh, I shouldn't have been. Because now this month rolls around and the bill has those costs on them AGAIN!!! I am beyond angry and now have to contact them again probably to hear some dumb excuse for why I have to pay it again, grrrrrrr.. And the chat is always busy and calling them is the WORST. So PO'd.

Ashley - Verizon H8er ID: 29C034

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