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01/07/17 | 21:59PM
Forced an overcharge to keep my service

This actually just happened to me last night. My phone is a Verizon prepaid, and my plan is 30 a month. My plan renews on the 6th of every month, so I loaded $30 to my account on the 4th. The 6th came and went, and my account was never charged. At 2 this morning, I woke up and tried to text a friend. No service. I checked my account, and the 30 was still there, with Verizon refusing to withdraw it so I could pay my bill. I called customer service. I was calm at first. Aaaaaand then I was informed that I had to pay 5 extra off of my debit card as a sort of "cushion." The 5 would never be charged. The 5 will never ever go anywhere. It's just 5 dollars idly sitting on my verizon account instead of in my bank account that I can never get back and that will never be used. This is absolutely ridiculous. My plan is 30. Always has been. No overcharges, no taxes, and certainly no need for a "cushion" payment. As soon as I get my next check, I will be switching over to AT&T. They might be pricier, but at least they don't force a pointless extra charge out of nowhere.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0DF4F4

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