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01/15/17 | 23:28PM
Verizon refuses to take back defective iphones

I was an executive in the cellular business for 22 years and have tested over 300 phones as prelude to offering them to my customers. Verizon refused to replace a one month old iPhone 7 plus with a defective vocoder (muffled voice) rendering distortion on outgoing voice transmission. According to Verizon I have to take it back to apple and get a refurb phone that I originally paid $800 for. It's apples problem not theirs. Right! By that reasoning, if my Mercedes has a problem, I should take it back to the manufacturer in Germany.
I pay $160 bucks a month. I would rather pay them the $800
And terminate than ever deal with them again. Based on my estimated life cycle span, my customer value to them is about $40,000 based on age and usage.
The good news is that when I sign up with AT&T my UNLIMITED bill with Direct TV will be $100/month and the difference in monthly charges will pay for the money I lost by dealing with this direputable company.

MM - Verizon H8er ID: DB9AEF

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01/18/17 | 4:59AM
But verizon doesn\'t make the phone..... so just take it back to apple...jeez

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C77F91

02/28/17 | 8:21AM
You\'re dumb...Verizon doesn\'t make the phones....and did you talk to tech support? They would have issued you a clnr after determining that it was a manufacturer issue

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 97E776

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