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02/25/17 | 17:31PM
Verizon tried to break up my family

When my daughter was old enough to get her own cell phone I signed up her up for unlimited text, talk and web through Verizon. My husband and and I already had Verizon and did not see a need for an unlimited plan. When our son was old enough to get his own cell phone - about a year later- Verizon did not offer an unlimited plan so we got him the same plan my husband and I had. Verizon stopped offering discounts on phone replacements for my daughters line. Then they said that we needed to get a fifth line for no one so we had 4 on our family plan since the unlimited plan did not count anymore for the family plan. Any changes or anytime we communicated with verizon they were always trying to get us to cancel my daughters unlimited plan. My son was constantly getting voice and data overages. I was nagging my son to be sure that he was using our wifi so to not use verizon data but my daughter was free to do what ever she wanted. It was a nightmare! Then my husband passed away and I was not going to get another ghost line so my daughter could keep her unlimited plan and still continue to pay crazy overage fees for my son. I texted Verizon's customer service to see how much it would cost to get out of my plan. They did not want to tell me! Finally they told me $200. I was like are you kidding me? I pay way more than that in overages every month! I switched to team mobile and I pay less for all three lines than I paid for one line at Verizon. The next week, lieterally the next week, Verizon started offering the unlimited plan again! I got my final bill about a week ago with a letter saying they missed me. The person who told me my termination fee would be 200 was wrong! Big surprise. It was a lot more but it is still soooo worth it. I will never go back to verizon. So happy with team mobile. It is exactly the same as verizon but without the annoying overage alerts and bill anxiety!! Yay!

PaDe - Verizon H8er ID: BDA28F

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05/05/19 | 11:48AM
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daleeo11 - Verizon H8er ID: 43467A

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