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03/22/17 | 16:35PM
Verizon opens fake account and then tries to charge you for it

And it got sent to their collections agency.

Here is the text of my e-mail to the Agency.

I am writing to dispute the charges that have been sent to you for collection. This relates to a triple play account that was closed in early December 2016. Rather than closing the entire account Verizon wrongfully opened another account for cable and internet to which I or my wife never consented, had access to and of which we were not immediately aware. When I became aware of it just before Christmas, I immediately contacted Verizon and told them it was in error. They assured me it was taken care of. It wasnít. I then got another bill from them. I immediately called them and again was assured it was taken care of. At that time, which was January 24, 2017 I spoke with John Adamo in Verizonís Philadelphia office. Then, a week ago I received another bill from Verizon for the same wrongfully opened account for which I never had any service. Unbelievably I also received a check from them for $367.90 at about the same time. I have again called Verizon and they once again admitted the account was wrongfully opened, that I never received service and that both the billing and the check sent to me were in error. Rather than just deal with the issue, Verizon now has told me to cash the check they sent me and then send them another check. Reluctantly I will do this, but the entire episode is ridiculous. Please inform your client that if any of this shows up on my credit, or if you take any actions to collect this alleged debt, I will sue them and you under the FCRA. Itís easy for me to do, Iím also a lawyer, See http://www.coateslaw.com, and I have wasted way too much time on this BS and if I spend any more I will seek to recoup my damages. Two notes. The account is the name of my wife, *********** and I have confirmed that all of the calls I have noted above are noted in Verizonís system.

Please respond to this e-mail ASAP letting me know you have received it.

Please know I have no ill will toward you all, you are just doing your job with faulty info given to you by your client. However, now that you have the actual story I ask that you conduct yourself accordingly.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 06E977

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03/16/19 | 6:28AM
healthrpose Zyrtec

Thomasnuali - Verizon H8er ID: F3253C

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