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05/14/17 | 17:14PM
Possible Service Monopoly???

I just got a new Galaxy S8, a Verizon branded one unfortunately. I noticed that many Samsung managed services were missing on my phone. For example, there was supposed to be a built-in caller ID and spam detection feature integrated into the S8 that works whenever someone calls me. However, that feature is nowhere to be found, and instead after someone calls me I get a notification from an uninstallable Verizon bloat app demanding me to pay for a Verizon Caller ID subscription. Another case is Samsung Pay, which is 15 gb of free storage that S8 users can use for phone backups and other things. Instead, Samsung Cloud is missing and I am left with the inferior Verizon Cloud, which is limited in what it can do, and forces me to pay if I want anything past 5 gb of storage. In addition, there was a new feature introduced with the S8 called Bixby Vision, where you can aim your camera at a product you are interested in and the phone will automatically pull up an Amazon link for it. However, because of some feud going on between Verizon and Amazon, the only thing my Verizon S8 can pull up are some random images from pinterest, which rarely match what I point my camera at. Finally, I noticed that Samsung Pay was missing from my S8. I am sure that Verizon did this so that some users would be inclined to use Android Pay, which Verizon receives additional royalties from. Luckily Samsung Pay, the only app that can make use of the S8's MST technologies, was available to download from the Play Store, though it is preinstalled on all other S8 variants. All this comes to show how hard Verizon tries to suck every penny out of its customer's wallets.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B5E003

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05/24/17 | 1:50AM
There is no competitors where I live its vz or dialup and no phone. One internet company, one phone company, just like soviets.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 838010

04/23/19 | 1:17AM

Pierreret - Verizon H8er ID: BEE2A1

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