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05/25/17 | 16:24PM
Bait and switch

In January 2017, I was not satisfied with Sprint, and went to your store in Queen Creek, AZ I was promised that if I switched over, you would pay my penalty at Sprint for up to $600.00 per phone...we had 4 and the final bill would be around $1500 so I was OK with the switch. I have since found out that the sales person LIED to me and now know it was nothing but a BAIT AND SWITCH.

To say I am upset with your service and the lies I was told is a misnomer...I AM OUTRAGED!!!

I was sent a visa card $206.00 to ad insult to injury.

This is criminal in my mind and I am going to submit a, full report with receipts and my recollection of the conversation with said sales person along with two eye-witnesses to the lies, the Better Business Bureau of Arizona, and am talking with an attorney about a class action fraud lawsuit.

Sincerely a very un-happy customer,

Capt. Anthony B. Anger

Capt. Anger - Verizon H8er ID: 548DD3

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06/25/17 | 14:31PM
Man they lied to me too. Told me id have 10 gigs of tethering & mobile hotspot that i apparently have no permissions for. And told me some bullshit about \"slight loss of network speed\" and neglected to tell me that meant video stream quality is throttled down to 480p

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C85BDB

03/15/19 | 8:29AM
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AlndreyGer - Verizon H8er ID: C7CAA1

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