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05/26/17 | 1:16AM
DO NOT GET THE 4G LTE Fixed Wireless if you can avoid it

ANYONE who is considering getting a LTE fixed wireless solution for your home I want to warn you about what ABSOLUTE BULLSH** and LIES you can expect from Verizon. We have three phones with them 1 iPhone and 2 Samsung Galaxies, and we had the home antennae installed to provide internet service as it was the best solution for us at the time. We pay Verizon nearly $400.00 a month for these services. When we went over the data one month we found out they offered a new Safety net plan and when we signed up they insisted we increase our plan to 80GB in order to qualify for all our devices which cost us more money, but they said if we went over we would be slowed to 3G speeds. In addition, it had data carry over. Here is the insidiousness of data carry over and what they don't tell you. It only carries over for 30 days and they use the new data first, so if you saved 10GB in April and your data plan was 40 GB you would have 50 GB in May right? However, if you only use 40 GB in May the 10GB goes away and you have NO CARRYOVER in June, simply insidious marketing by Verizon. Well, we went over once and we found the safety net was unworkable and not only that none of the voice to text or navigation features worked on our phone. When we called in They said oh you were given wrong information it is only 2G (128kbps) which hoses anything that connects to the internet. Then they told us about the unlimited plan, so we signed up for that and were told it's not unlimited, BUT if we reach the data cap of 22GB on any device you get throttled, but the rep assured me three times ( her name was April) It would only be nights and weekends and not during business hours. What she didn't tell us is that our LTE antennae on our roof is now considered a mobile hotspot and the whole nights and weekends only for throttling is a lie of course again I was told I was given wrong information along with endless and useless apologies). Now the roof antennae got capped at 10GB and is at 3G until the end of the billing cycle ( 18 days). That's my main internet pipeline NOT the phones. Their laughable solution is to put me back on my old plan AND CHARGE ME MORE MONEY. I DARE ANYONE FROM VERIZON AND I WILL BUY YOU F**KING DINNER to come to my home andcarry around that 70lb antenna on my roof as a GODDAMN mobile hotspot. TL;DR if you can find ANY OTHER SOLUTION for internet besides Verizon's 4g LTE fixed wireless antennae do it. As a rural customer Verizon's policies, small print, and loopholes are designed to rip you off you provide you with the worst possible customer experience. You have been warned.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 10C319

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06/07/17 | 5:00AM
I\'m in 3g rural \"hotspot\" hell to. Going to cancel and just tether my phone, fuck all the bullshit ya understand?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B1F873

03/09/19 | 3:38AM
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marjorietl3 - Verizon H8er ID: 1E0718

04/25/19 | 13:46PM

Proveava - Verizon H8er ID: AFC53C

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