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05/26/17 | 2:00AM

So in January/February 2017, I decided to switch over to a prepaid line after being told by a friend that she only pays about $50bucks a month. That seemed pretty good compared to my $140 plus a month bill I was getting every month. This was for only one line plus my ipad.

I was already fed up with Verizon after they randomly increased my bill from $114 to $140 four months after I got my phone/ipad. I even asked the guy who worked there if that would be the same price id pay every month until my contract was up. He said yess that is the amount. Regardless I decided to make the switch so I wouldn't have to pay extra random BS fees just for being on a contract with them. I knew I had to make remaining payments on my phone/ipad and called several times to speak to someone to make payments but could never get through and their automated phone systems. The times they did pick up they said there was nothing in my account. They said it was clear and no balances are due. Fast forward 3 months and I got sent to collections. What kind of fucking dick sucking count licking turd shit is this!! I call you how many fucking times but all of a sudden I'm at collections????? I'm just more shocked at the fact that I got sent to collections after 3 months without any notices from Verizon throughout the entire thing!!! After this I will definitely NOT be recommending VERIZON/T-MOBILE/SPRINT. They're all BS. I'm sticking with prepaid phones. Fuck you you piece of shit.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E946DA

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03/01/19 | 8:08AM
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Smntrustrh - Verizon H8er ID: FFBD59

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