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06/02/17 | 23:34PM
And the price only goes up, and up, and up

Well lets see. I have an unlisted number. The cost went up $1 from last month. This now $4.50 a month is to stop Verizon from giving out the number I pay for to anyone who wants it. How about charging people that $4.50 for asking for it. Or better yet tell them to mind their own business! At home I have DSL and when I signed up it was $19.99 a month for LIFE - it will never go up. It is now $40.99 after if I recall, 5 price increases! OVER TWICE AS MUCH! Sad thing is I have come to usually be able to tell when an increase will occur - the service will suck for about a week or two just before the bill comes.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6D0B8F

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