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07/10/17 | 2:44AM
Verizon FIOS

I live in Massachusetts. For one reason or another my device would not connect to the internet. I call their 1 -800 tech support number and guess what, they tell me they are only open from 9am to 9pm. So I try 3 other numbers finally I get a sales guy for some reason they are readily available 24 X7 and he puts me back into the queue. Fine I try a couple more numbers and finally I was able to get in touch with a person because I had an account number, btw if you are a customer like me.. guess what when you get a bill it says .. acount number ending in blah (god I hate this company) so this person keeps asking me to check for my wireless.. and I keep telling them the OS I have and that I dont see wireless if they can tell me where else to look, they are firm on wireless... well guess what there is no frigging wireless on the options I have for Windows 10!!! they can see that my phone is connected but not my laptop great... that means internet is working and that is where their services ends I guess. They direct me to call the manufacturer of my laptotp because my adapter may be broken. At this point I really cant even deal with them. Just finding the number to call tech support should not take 2 hours!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: ACFE34

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