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07/20/17 | 3:32AM
Verizon must be the worst in the world !!!

I have no other service where I am. The first two years I had to call ever month the have 40.00 to 80.00 of over charges removed from my bill. Every month after 2-3 calls they would take off the charges. Then as the smart phones came out I could not get service. It would drop calls all the time. But they still charged me the money. In the last 4 years paying over 300.00 per month for 2 phones, home wireless land line, and High speed internet for my home and business. I use the same each month and had 8 gig / month then I started going over. But nothing changed on my useage. So got 10 gig. samething so got 15 gig. samething so got 20 gig same thing so got 25 gig. same thing. costing me a ton of money. running around 20 mb/min speed. (fast) They came out with unlimited high speed internet for about 20.00 cheaper. and said it was the same speed just no limit. So switched. It is fast for two days then slows down to .2 mb/min and slower. I have people in my store that spend 20-30 min. waiting for a page to load then get made and leave. I am loosing business and my whole family is made. They will not do anything about it. THEY ARE SO BAD !!!

Anonymous AND SAD/MAD - Verizon H8er ID: 066E38

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