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08/04/17 | 14:33PM
Lies from Verizon Sales Reps and the "Deal"

Long story, be prepared (or “Short Story About Six Hours In Three Chats”):
July 31, 2017 we resigned a contract with Verizon by chat (rep name Aiden) for 75/75 internet. The rep was excited from the great deal which includes a new router as well. This info was confirmed several times with the promise that it will be delivered in 3-5 days with a notice to my email. After a week of nothing, we initiated a second chat with them (Terry) who told us that he cannot see the chat from that date, that our contract does not include any router suggested us to call customer service. Meanwhile, we saw in our Verizon account that there should be a new router after all and connected again (it was midnight, the phone wasn't a good option). After a few minutes with another rep (Vink) The connection “broke” and the same guy re-appeared under nick name Verizon (I asked him for his name at the end of the chat). This time his version was that he cannot see the chat after 3 sessions (the 3rd session was initiated from them! By purpose?). So, after checking my account for some time he suggested us to switch to the new offer we have in our account - 100/100 internet plus new router for $5. He promised to make a discount of $4 from his side so the total additional payment would be $1. We agreed, he was very inpatient us to click on this "check out" button. However, I remembered the lesson from July 31 and liked to examine the conditions in more details. After I saw (you should search for this info, it does not appear right upfront) that the "deal" they offer is actually only 6 months and rate is higher for the rest 18 months. I asked him about that. He told me that he will share a detailed offer on my email. What I got on my email had nothing in common with what I saw in the website/account - instead of $1 extra and got $10 extra per month (even with his $4 discount), the next month bill estimate was a "killer" also - from $138 estimate it got to more than $180. After back and fourth for an hour and lack to explain why, it appeared that this is what he can do from his side. And, if I take the deal directly from my account - he will not be able to apply any discount. So, when he asked me to accept the new terms via my account and check out - he knew even then that he will not be able to apply the discount. The lies didn't stop here:
a) I asked him to deliver what is in our account at least (which is better router from what we have, but worst from the Gateway they try to sell) - he told me that they do not support/have this router anymore...How it appears in my account then? No answer;
b) Sometime at the end of the chat he said that "...contract with higher internet speed includes new router". I think after 3 and half hours in the chat, he simply forgot that we actually this is our case - new contract with higher speed. When I asked him where is this new router "included" in our contract - the answer was amazing as always: he don't know if this was included at that date in our contract and he cannot check (of course!). But, this is not a "deal”, those are their usual terms and it does not depends on any dates (we didn’t know this before);
c) I asked him to send me this chat on my email - he assured me that I'll be able to print it after I close it. I knew that there is no such an option (unlike other companies chats) and copied it prior closing, but still - another lie. He insured me that he escalated the case to his supervisor, but I don't believe him.
Will have to deal with this further because our old router simply does not support the higher speed we’ll have soon.

Kat - Verizon H8er ID: C9339B

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