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09/10/17 | 18:58PM
Verizon just plain sucks

I was doing some banking one morning and then suddenly lost my internet connection. I reset the router and still no internet connection or phone. So I walk outside and see a coup;le of Verizon trucks with 2 people outside one of the trucks talking. Went out to talk to them and they said they were "doing some work." I asked if there was any notification given to the people in my condo complex and they decidedly said "no." They said it should be working now and go back and check.

Went back insode and still no internet or telephone. So I called Veizon customer service from my cell phone (with a nother provider) and was put on hold - and on hold for the remainder of my time with the field technician. Meanwhile, I walked back outside and talked to one of the guys. He was dealing with another owner so I waited a bit, but then he followed me inside to check things out. He then went back outside to the "main " box and called in my condo number into the station - and then I heard him say "yeah that was one of the ones I disconnected." He went outside and then miraculously within about 10 minutes I was up and running again. What a miracle!

After abourt 49 minutes on hold, I reached a customer service person. In fairness, this first person was nice and although it sounded like he was reading from a script, he was polite and accomodating. I explained the situation and he told me he would switch me to the other customer service group where I could get a partial refund for lost time. I explained to the man who answered what happened - how I was lost eveything I did that morning - and asked if there was any scheduled work that morning for my area. He really didn't seem to care, seemd to be hust going thru the motions, and asked that I wait on hold while he talked to his supervisor.

After a few minutes he came back online he told me there was no work swcheduled in ym area for that day, but his supervisor authorized a credit of $10 - and that Verizon was being very generous to me.

I complained a bit and told him that some people can lose important data and such if Verizon simply "pulls the plug" w/o any warning. I understand if there is scheduled work - but to just go "unplug stuff" and not tell their own customers is ridiculous. He really couldn't care less, seemed like customers are there to support Verizon [and him] and reminded me that they were being very, very generous with the $10 credit to my account.

So, bottom line is Verizon customer service lacks any serious professionalism, their field techinician groups are clueless as to what's going on and seem to have no ability to "check what's on the docket for repair in the area", and their overall culture/attitude is cavalier at best. but don't worry - those Verizon unions and executives make some REAL good money. Exzpecially those executives who seem to care more about wtheir own pet projects than they do about their customers.

Botton line, I am gladd I have AT&T as my cell phone provider - and Verizon sucks *slightly* less than Comcast (which is why I switched in the first place). Yes, when my contract is up I am going to Dish networks!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE60C8

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09/12/17 | 1:38AM
What did you want? they were giving you $10 that they didn\'t even have to give you

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 509EB5

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