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09/16/17 | 4:11AM
Unethical and Heartless

When I moved to my new address almost two years ago, I moved my Verizon Fios bundle over. In order to move the services, I was told I had to sign another two-year contract. They offered me a promotion that included a set of premium movie channels for free for a year. My ex was a big TV-watcher so we agreed to the promo.

A year ago, my ex and I split. When he moved out, I called Verizon asking if there was a way to lower the bill. Since I don't watch the cable, I asked about an internet-only option. The rep I spoke to that day said the internet would cost me more than the bundle, but she could reduce my channels and offer me a $20 discount. Okay, so now my bill was "lowered" by $30, but I was still paying well over $100 a month with less income in the home.

Soon after, I lost my job and called Verizon to let them know and ask what my options were. I said I'd like to either suspend service for awhile or turn off my services. I was told I couldn't suspend service and that it would cost me $220 to disconnect, which I didn't have at that time. I struggled to continue paying the bill while unemployed for four months.

After getting into a new job, I got caught up. But I broke my arm after 5 months, and was out of work again. This time, my savings were gone and I fell behind on the bill. Once again, I asked Verizon about a change in service or early termination. I was told they wouldn't do anything until I was caught up on the bill.

I am finally in a new full-time position, but because of the financial instability of the last year, I am behind on my mortgage and all of my utilities. I have had to visit food banks in order to get food for myself and my two children. Last week, I got a letter that my house will be put up for tax auction because I couldn't pay my water bill. And once again, I call Verizon to discuss options because this is a non-essential bill.

Today, I spoke with three reps and a supervisor. The first rep said that to keep internet (kids need it to submit homework), it would cost me $89.99. That's more than my bundle package. When I asked about the promotional fliers I continue getting in the mail about $39.99 internet, he said there's a protocol he has to go through and it would take him awhile to find that. While going through his "protocol," he asked why I hadn't lowered my bill last year by discontinuing the premium channels. When I said I'd called to discuss a change in service months ago and had had my package changed, he said he couldn't speak to why the rep hadn't taken those channels off. Our call was disconnected at that point.

The second rep I got told me that it was my fault that the premium channels were still on my bill because I didn't specifically say I wanted the premium channels taken off. She also said they send me a bill for a reason, and it's my responsibility to know what's on it. True, except those channels weren't showing on there. All it said was "bundle."

I spoke to a third rep, and asked that my service be cancelled. I no longer want to be with a company that is so unethical that they would lie to me and give me different information every time I call, and then blame me for their mistake. She put in the termination, which was confirmed, but our call was also disconnected.

She called me back, and left a long message basically saying the same thing the second rep had said: it's my fault for not reading my bill. Again, I had.

So, I called back once again, and asked for a supervisor. I get a supervisor who I explained each phone call, and explained that I may lose my house and that cable should be the last of my worries right now. I said since the rep who made the initial service change did lower my bill by $30, I would like a credit of $10 per month since then to cover the Premium channels that were not taken off. He refused. I said I would not be paying the now-$20 early termination fee, and his response was that no one in the company would change the terms of my contract.

My bill has rarely been the same amount, and I've had to ask for fees to be fixed before. I've changed my package. So, when it suits them,they will change the terms of a contract, but when a customer is literally losing their home and can't pay any extra bills, they can't help.

I asked to speak to his supervisor, and he refused. He said he was the top level, but not authorized to give me the credits I'm asking for. So, I said he couldn't be the top level then, and asked for a name and number I could call myself. He again refused, and ended the call by telling me I'll have 90 days to pay my final bill before it goes to collections.

Verizon is unethical and heartless. At this point, I would rather take the hit to my credit and never pay them. No one should EVER use Verizon.

And don't even get me started on their wireless service. It's EVEN WORSE.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D73A15

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