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09/23/17 | 19:58PM
Screwed by Verizon

I was with Verizon for almost 20-years before moving to T-Mobile a couple years back when Verizon raised their rates. A couple moths ago, I came back to Verizon to get better service. I'm truly sorry I did!

I bought a 12.9" IPAD PRO from Verizon. I explained that I need to pay for it over time as I recently graduated from college and I'm starting a new business. A month later, Verizon takes the entire amount out of my bank. I called and talked to Verizon rep's till I was blue in the face. They didn't;t want to hear about it and in the end simply told me I was screwed!

If you're thinking about going to or coming back to Verizon, son't bother. I never had even one issue with Verizon during the time I had them but since coming back, it has been one issue after another to the point where I'm ready to get rid of everything but a flip-phone because Verizon's customer service is so bad!

I literally wasted three hours trying to get this issue resolved and finally they did they would take care of it for me on Saturday, which was three days later. On Saturday, two hours after it was supposed to have been taken care of, Verizon calls back and says...April Fools, we were just kidding! I hate Verizon for what they've become! If I could cancel everything and go back to T-Mobile, I would! Till I can, I will make sure everyone I know stays away from them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 34F8E7

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