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10/17/17 | 0:52AM
Random collection letter in the mail

So randomly out of the blue I received a collection letter at the farm for a Verizon bill. Granted I have Verizon that I use and pay every month....so I call and they cannot tell me why I have a bill but if I pay it now I can save 100.00! Like I am just going to pay some random company that sends me a bill money not knowing what the bill was for! So 4 hours on the phone with Verizon later I find out that a few years ago I went in to BUY a phone and the guys convinces me that I am going to save SOOOO much money by switching to a business account from a personal account! Ok....then they tell me I have to pay the personal account off and close it before they can open it up as a business acct....so my 200.00 a month account cost me $1800+ in monthly charges and fees to cancel early even though I was still with the same company to shut down and then reopen as a business account which has sucked every day since bc you can never talk to anyone who handles the business account and the business portal is always screwed up....so anyhow I paid over 1800 and transferred all the lines! Now they are saying that I still owed another month on the account that was closed....never got another bill or phone call or anything and my numbers have not changed....did not know about it until today!!! And if I pay Verizon directly I pay $250+ but this other collection company says I can pay it off for $150?!?!?!? And I never even received the free 700.00 rebate card for the dang phone I went in to buy So basically I am looking for a new phone carrier.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3558E6

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