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10/20/17 | 13:57PM
Auto "PRE" Pay

We have a long standing family plan with Verizon. We had 4 phone and a tablet. But dropped one phone when we went to an unlimited plan as big v made it too expensive by charging a tablet as they would a phone. Good for v bad for me.
Repeatedly big v has taken payment PRIOR TO PAYMENT DATE!!! My Repeated attempts to resolve the issue only make matters worse. Cust Serv reps always promise resolution. But come payment time big v arrogantly moves their smash & grab date to an earlier date. Problem being I am on a monthly annuity. When big v arrogantly takes payment BEFORE MY PAYMENT DATE. I AM HIT WTH PENALTY FEES FOR LACK OF FUNDS! Funds that would be available if but g v played by the rules! Verizon simply makes it too painfully to be a customer. It's like big v management is directly or indirectly focused
solely upon screwing customers.

Paul - Verizon H8er ID: 3DD743

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