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10/30/17 | 19:48PM
Screw me once, shame on you..Screw me twice, shame on me!

I just changed from 3 phones on the XL plan to 4 on the un-unlimited plan. They got me in with the $40 per month per phone and doing the math it seemed that the new plan would be only slightly more expensive($20 per month) with the addition of a 4th line. I fell for it like a 10 ton stone dropped in a lake! My first bill comes in at $286! I don't know if they are using common core math to calculate bills, but my fees and charges have nearly doubled. They hit me with some "pro-rated" charges, activation fees, whatever Verizon....whatever! Chatting with their support, they went ahead and credited me $20! Maybe they should have tried meeting me halfway? The rep could not give me any logical reason why the fees were double except for "the fees are based on your bill amount" This doesn't make sense. Treating me like I am incompetent is not going to excuse your behavior Verizon. I am tired of the lies. The deception. Why is that "first month bill" always just higher?? I am not a new customer, it is not a "first" bill. It is a change to a plan. Get it together Verizon. I am not on a contract, and I am free to leave. Sprint is looking more and more appealing.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3A98CC

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10/31/17 | 18:43PM
If I could pick up another carrier I dropped them like a hot stone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 832990

11/28/17 | 18:53PM
TMobile was buying out contracts. May be worth a look

Bandwidth - Verizon H8er ID: 99F860

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05/06/19 | 17:59PM
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06/12/19 | 3:58AM
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06/16/19 | 8:52AM
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