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11/13/17 | 15:53PM
You've got to be kidding me

So I'm getting bombarded with calls and letters to switch to Fiber Optics.....two weeks ago Verizon messed with my dial tone and it was gone. They could not fix it. I had to switch.to Fiber Optics....and it wouldn't happen for two weeks. We are seniors so they had to "fix" the old system the next day. I happen to have their pole in my yard so I know that no one came here, it was fixed on their end. So first they couldn't fix it then they could after I switched....okay today they are here for I'm told five hours to do the switch. The guy drilled accidentally into my wiring and poof, no stove. The foreman says I need to get an electrician and they will reimburse me. After much ranting and my finger on the phone to the lawyer, they called their in house electrician to fix it. This POS company better have this ALL fixed today or my finger will be on the trigger of my shotgun. Will let you know

Paula - Verizon H8er ID: 794D86

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11/15/17 | 17:18PM
It\'s just me again...so I have my Fiber Optics woopie...with 12D cells in case of power outage, which must be replace after use or two years witchever comes first..if power goes out I have to go down the basement to turn it on...progress right.....and the electrician left me with some repair work in my basement. I called the Verizon foreman who was here that day and told him...he said he didn\'t understand, take photos, and was there damage before. Mind you he was here so knows the condition \"before. I said nix the photos you come here and tell me. Again trigger finger getting itchy.

Paula - Verizon H8er ID: 836107

11/21/17 | 20:44PM
It\'s me again, again...no one has been here to assess the damage, it\'s over a week now....spoke to a Supervisor who said she\'d get the job done....for some reason, I think she will...so far I\'ve been dealing with obnoxious men, she sounds like she\'ll light a fire under these guys.

Paula - Verizon H8er ID: 836107

11/27/17 | 16:32PM
Guess what...it\'s me again, 11/27/17... still waiting for this POS company to get back to me about fixing the damage... I wonder if calling the police would work, at least I\'d have a report....

Paula - Verizon H8er ID: 836107

05/11/19 | 18:39PM
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CharlesSyday - Verizon H8er ID: B0E180

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