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11/14/17 | 22:18PM
Verizon sucks as usual

yep credit determined to be 108 still no credit on account below is the transcript of the account that i even offered to email the supervisors to get them to see what the hell was happening but they said as usual i have no way to verify that

Your recent online chat conversation

Mobile number ending in #6973.

Chat with us again if you have more questions or sign in to My Verizon to make updates to your account.

Your chat recap

Reference number: 755859238277170592

Chatted on 10/31/2017 at 16:23:00

Verizon Thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless Chat Team regarding your bill. How can we help you today?
You my bill
Verizon Hi there!
You i am supposed to be receiving a credit from you all and a reduction in my bill and of course i do not see a credit
Verizon Oh my!
Verizon I will go over options to make sure you will get your credit :)
Verizon While I pull you account, can you please tell me your name so that I can properly address you?
You jeff johnson
Verizon Thank you so much jeff!
Verizon I am now reviewing you account.
Verizon To be more accurate, can you please tell me what was the credit for?
You yes on the line for 972-210-1152 your representative told me i should not disconnect the line and save the $32.91 for that until the phone was paid and that he would just issue a credit each month over last two months to offset that
Verizon Thank you so much for that valuable information, Jeff!
You for whatever reason, i am assuming he made note of that on the account, my daughter no longer uses that phone and i just wanted to save the $32.91 per month and remove her
Verizon That clarifies a lot :)
Verizon Thank you for bringing this to us and for giving me a chance to make everything correct :)
Verizon Upon checking on your account, there is a $54.20 credit applied on your account and it will appear on you next bill :)
Verizon Rest assured that you will be getting the credit that was promised :)
You why has it not appeared on these bills so far
Verizon Good question!
You and i want the $32.91 fee for thtat line removed effective immediately, and I want to make sure i am not charged for that payment on that phone any longer
Verizon Upon further reviewing your account, I can see here that your billing cycle ends every 25th of the month and starts every 26th
Verizon The credit has been applied on the 25th of October. Since it is the end of your cycle, the credit will appear on your next bill.
You So that should reduce my ridiculously expensive cell phone bill by $32.91 +$22.91 every month plus some fees correct ?
Verizon Yes! You are correct, Anthony!
Verizon That will lower your phone bill :)
Verizon I am certain that it will show on the next bill since it has been already applied on the 25th of October :)
Verizon Rest assured that I will take full ownership of your concern and keep a close eye on it to make sure everything is accurate.
Verizon You have me on this, Anthony!
You So Anthony give me an estimate of what my new bill will be for November
Verizon Sure!
Verizon Please give me a couple of seconds :)
You So let me get this right two months ago i was promised a credit, however i am not going to get that credit till november 25 right
You Do you think thats fair to a consumer who spends over $200 a month with you and has spent over $1000 in phones ?
You How do I go about paying off the asset that i am still paying on
You because I just think it's shady that at least once every 6 months I am dealing with you guys over issues on my bill,
Verizon On behalf of Verizon, I apologize for the inconvenience. No worries, Anthony. I will make sure that everything will be taken care of.
You Lets Think about it Anthony $2400 a year times 3 years $599 X 3 Phones thats $1797 in phones and $8200 in usage fees
You And you guys need another month to give me $50.00
You What are you going to do to keep this customer with Verizon cause I am pretty over this petty crap
Verizon You have a valid point, Jeff.
Verizon Upon reviewing the account there is another $54.20 credit showing that will appear on your next bill.
Verizon so there will be a total of $108.4 total credit will appear on your next bill.
Verizon I will still monitor your account so that everything will be correct, Jeff
You Riley I appreciate the help, we will have to explore options going forward how do I pay off the remaining I phone directly
Verizon Sure, Jeff.
Verizon It will be a pleasure helping you.
Verizon I will make a detailed endorsement on your account for options to pay your remaining balance.
Verizon We will set an appointment date on when we can settle your bill.
You That is not something I want to exactly set in motion yet, I just want to know how to pay it off should we make the choice to move on
Verizon Thank you for clarifying, Jeff.
Verizon In order to to have the option to pay off the phones, I need to partner you up with our finance department.
Verizon I will make an endorsement for them to prioritize your concern, Jeff
You Riley handle the credits for me and I will pay off the phone at the store should I choose to terminate, please make sure there are good notes in the system
You do you have an operator number so that i can reference it should i need to have them pull up the information in the system
Verizon Definitely!
Verizon I will provide you the number of our financial department.
Verizon 866-266-1445 will be the number to dial, Jeff :)
Verizon Was there anything else I could do to make this an exceptional experience?
You Thank you please make sure and follow through have a good day
Verizon I would just want to ask a small favor from you, Kindly click the [x] button in the upper right of the CHAT BOX to properly close it once you are ready to say goodbye to me.
Verizon Just checking in, is everything going well?

Thanks for choosing Verizon Wireless.

Jeff The ripped off Customer - Verizon H8er ID: 9330E0

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