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11/25/17 | 0:25AM
please stop the commercials!!

i have had verizon for about five years now and from promise it has become an absolute disaster. recently my hd channels have been glitchy on my downstairs tv, and my upstairs tv doesn't even get hd channels even though it is perfectly capable of doing. my internet is down occasionally and i will have to turn it back on and wait for a max 5 mins until it comes on again, and outside my house my lte is absolute trash. still are the goddamn commericals. this doesn't affect me directly but they are insults to injury, with their "100% fiberoptic network" crap and their gay guy. "it's built to work better in cities", they say. well, buddy, i live in a city and you don't give me crap. also they always black out my tv to show crappy ads of on demand movies out now, and the movies are good, but you don't have to interrupt my system to show your bad commericals. also they tell me to refer to a friend about fios to get free points. i wouldn't give my worst enemy fios. their verizon+apple ads are unskippable on YT, and their commericals are trash.
in conclusion, verizon is the worst, even behind boost mobile. how are they so rich when their products are absolute garbage, they don't even give me half the channels i signed for. i'd take t-mobile, at&t, sprint or metroPCS any day over this company. also cable or direcTV seem like dreams against fios. who has the ugliest building in Manhattan? verizon. who was bought out of their Washington DC arena naming rights because the Capitals and Wizards thought they were trash? verizon (by CapitalOne). all in all, i am basically being tortured by verizon, please send help.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7B14E8

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11/27/17 | 16:35PM
I can sympathize, my story is called \"you\'ve got to be kidding me\". About three or four before you...I can\'t believe they get away with all this shit.

Paula - Verizon H8er ID: 1CDBBC

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