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11/28/17 | 18:45PM
Finally let go of the Grandfathered unlimited plan

Yesterday it finally happened. After 10 years of being a loyal customer I finally shut down my grandfathered in unlimited plan. For those who don't know what I'm referring too. The plan was a truly unlimited internet plan that I could use thousands of Gigabits of data for $30 and hotspot that data for another $30. We paid $85 for minutes of 1400. Over the years Verizon has passed policies that were never in their customers best interest.

I bought the plan because Verizon offered it. Not because I was greedy or taking advantage. Because Verizon sold it. As time went on Verizon began selling the GB packages. Since we had purchased the unlimited plan we became grandfathered in and had unlimited. We did not choose this, Verizon did this per the contract they created.

Then Verizon decides to push bully customers off the program. I witnessed many Verizon reps try to get people off there old unlimited plan to a tier plan. It was sad because the salesman were knowingly selling a worse service. They then said we were no longer able to upgrade our contracts and get discounted phones. So we had to buy phones outright. Did this for 10 years paying $230 a month for two phones on the plan. We were paying $115 per unlimited line. That's not cheap, and is over the fair market rate right now.

So $27,000 dollars later Verizon says we need to pay $275 a month for a now restricted unlimited plan. That $140 a line for no new service. Really? I of course call Verizon to say WTF. And they state they do not want to lose our business. If that was truly the case why did they raise our rates so high? The reps then try to sell me the new unlimited plan for $200 a month. I stated if I choose that rate how do I know Verizon won't change the price later down the road? They state confidently Verizon won't do that. I then fell to the floor as the reason I'm calling to cancel service is because our rates just increased $50 a month. I told them TMobile is making a push here and I'll give them a shot. They then go on to slam there service, which I reply "it's very apparent that Verizon now has a major EGO issue and have lost my trust" Now I got unlimited data/Hotspot international calling with TMobile for $190 a month for three phone lines.

Update: I've used TMobile for a week now and my test have been great. I've been averaging 40mb of internet download speed. Verizon I got maybe 8mb, and I can notice the difference. It's awesome.

Also I stopped by the Verizon store to get a case for my new phone. Minimum case was $40, and it was just silcone. The wanted a wallet one for $60. Realizing that Verizon is just financially raping its customers, I left. I went to Verizon because up here the store is bigger with what I thought would be more options. Anyway after I left I stopped at the little itty bitty Tmobile store to adjust my account. I asked if they had a silicone case for my z2. And they did for $18. Its perfect. Yes I can get cheaper on Amazon, but I wanted a case as soon as possible. It's just as good as the $40.

Bottom line is Verizon Managers don't know how to manage and have lost touch with their customers. They obviously don't care and have forgotten the 1% who helped them get here. They have no appreciation. I guess $2700 a year is not enough and Verizon needed $3000. However now they get $0.

Good bye unlimited plan. I'd say all good things come to an end, but it really wasn't the good in the first place.

Bandwidth - Verizon H8er ID: 861B2B

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05/01/19 | 3:44AM

Denniskic - Verizon H8er ID: 56C842

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