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12/27/17 | 19:26PM
My nightmare with Verizon

My nightmare with Verizon

So I've had the same cell phone number for 18 years ! This number is connected to my business all my clients/friends business contacts anybody that wants to get ahold of me calls that number !!!!

In May of this year I fulfilled my contract (paid in full) with Verizon and decided to do a pay as you go because it was cheaper and their customer service was terrible. Transferred my number to a pay as you go account set up auto pay to my account so comes directly out of my credit card . Sounds simple and super easy right . Everything was fine no problems up until August 17th of this year ! On August 11th 2017 they took the money out of my account sent me a confirmation next bill wasn't due till 9:10 2017 . On Thursday August 17th 2017 my daughter sent me a message on messenger informing me that she's been trying to call and telling me to pay my phone bill . Totally baffled by that statement I inform her that my bill was paid and don't understand why she couldn't call me ! So I immediately got on the phone with customer service only to be redirected and hung up on multiple times. So I got in my truck and headed to a Verizon store for professional help to rectify the situation! Upon arrival at Red Wing Minnesota Verizon store I went in and met with Amber a service girl for Verizon She got on the phone talked to some people and then she informed me that there was some sort of fraud on my account that in order to rectify it I would have to go to my bank and they would have to contact Verizon and clear up any problems/ discrepancies and reassure them that there was no fraud pertaining to that account. So off to the bank I go made contact with my banker Jocelyn Havikan . Proceeded to tell her the situation and what I had to do in order for Verizon to take care of this she tried wholeheartedly only to run into the same issues that I experience earlier with Hang-Ups and redirections with no solutions After 2 hours at the bank with Jocelyn we came to the conclusion that we were getting nowhere . So she sent me on my way back to Verizon with all the information I needed to inform them there was no fraud on my end of the account.
So back off the Verizon store I go with all the information needed to prove that there was no fraud activity on my account. Upon arrival at the Verizon store Amber was busy with another customer so I sat down with Christian Mattfield a solution specialist at the Red Wing Minnesota Verizon store . Christian was on it after I explained the situation to him and what was going on he got on the phone proceeded to call people only to be redirected and hung up on himself a few times before he was finally able to give me an answer as to what to do. Christian informed me that because of the alleged fraud he could do nothing on his end or Verizon wouldn't do anything on theirs. Below is the copy of the email sent to me from Christian

8/17/2017 Daniel stopped into the store today because his account was marked as fraudulent on his prepaid account. He originally stopped in and worked with Amber this morning to try to get it figured out. Prepaid told him he would have to go to the bank and have them contact Verizon to tell them that the account is fine. He did that and they kept hanging up on him when they tried to get through. He stopped in again and worked with me, I called prepaid and they told me I had to get in contact with fraud, I did that and fraud told me that they can't look at prepaid accounts. I again called prepaid and finally someone gave me some answers. Because his account was marked as fraud on a card that he no longer has access to his phone and SIM were flagged as lost or stolen so his phone will no longer work with Verizon and there was nothing they could do about it. He did not want to give up his phone number and obviously does not want to purchase a brand new phone because of a system issue. I unfortunately advised him to switch carriers because the rep I spoke with told me under no circumstances would he be able to keep his phone number with us anymore. I told Daniel I would get in contact with my store manager and our accounts manager to see if there was anything we could get figured out to get him a new phone. (CM)

Thank You,

Christian Mattfield

Wireless Sales Professional

178 Tyler Rd S | Red Wing, MN / River Falls, WI | 651.388.4204

37 Locations serving Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin


Verizon Authorized Retailer

Still haven't heard from Christians manager to this day !!!!!!! August 30th 2017

So the solution to my problem would be to set up a new account a new phone and a new number because my old one was allegedly tied to fraud with Verizon.(yeh right I thought to myself) Or get a new account with a different carrier BUT my phone might not work with a different carrier so I thought to myself as long as I get my number back I'll do that and if the phone don't work I can take care of that problem later .( just want my number back at this point )

So off to Walmart I go to purchase a pay-as-you-go keep your existing phone and number phone card. So by the time I got home it was late. I figured I'll go to bed set up my phone in the morning during business hours in case I need a little assistance shouldn't be a problem other than a wasted day running around . Should be super simple right oh no it gets worse if you can believe that !

So Friday August 18th 2017 I proceeded to set up my phone only to find out that my phone won't work. I proceeded to get an old phone from my collection I've acquired over the 18 years with my phone number and set up my new account with you guessed it MY NUMBER and take care of the phone problem over the weekend. After hours of trying to set it up and more calls to Verizon customer care only to be redirected and hung up on multiple times again. After more hours on the phone finally got ahold of a person . You can only guess what happens next I was informed that that number was not available !!!!!!

I was informed Verizon would not release that phone number to me .

I'm getting pissed at this point and it's getting late again. So I figure I'll get up in the morning and I'll head off to the Verizon owned Hub store in the area which is located 25 miles from my home . Looked up the store online that evening to find out what their business hours were and was informed they open at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday August 19th 2017. Perfect I thought to myself I could be there first thing in the morning. I've had a couple stressful days so I'm off to get drunk and drown sorrows.( insert lots of alcohol here) Needless to say I didn't make it there till 11:30 See previous statement in parentheses..

So Saturday August 19th 2017 at 11:10 a.m. I come strolling through the door to be greeted by the Verizon stores manager to ask me how he could help. I proceeded to tell him the situation and what's going on. He sets me up with the happy go lucky I can fix anything solution specialist Chris Schwenke. My statement to Chris after the introduction was you're going to be frustrated confused pissed and not very jovial by the end of our meeting .After going through the story with Chris he seemed unfazed and gung ho with the attitude of I got this and you will be out of here in 10 to 15 minutes. Well after three and a half hours seven or eight different stories eight to ten redirect three to four service reps telling him they can't find my account and it doesn't exist which by the way he had pulled up on his notebook and has been looking at the whole time and not to mention the multiple Hang Ups. It's now 2:45 p.m. in the afternoon. Chris says to me finally we're getting some place and proceeds to tell me that after speaking with a representative don't know which one because there's been multiple at this point. He informed that they're working on it and my phone and number will be up and running in three or four hours. So with that he suggest I come back in 3 hours and will check on everything and more than likely it will be taken care of . I agree go grab some lunch and bump around town just killing more of my time . I returned at 6 Chris and forms me and they're still working on it and hopefully by Sunday morning everything will be good to go and I can put this problem behind me. So now it's 7 p.m. another day wasted with no results. August 20th 2017 Sunday morning rolls around I jump in my truck drive to 25 miles to the Verizon store only to be told by Chris that their still working on it. Chris proceeded to tell me his schedule and that he will be working Monday and Tuesday he'll keep working on it and it should be fixed by Monday or Tuesday August 20th and 21st 2017 another run around. Tuesday rolls around my phone still isn't up and going. So I jump in my truck drive 25 miles to the Verizon store. Upon arrival I ask the Verizon store manager / greeter to speak to Chris. Im informed that Chris has the day off and proceeded to ask me how he can help.(REALLY) Here we go again !!! I explained the issue to him only to be handed over to my third solution specialists Emily Cheever . Who asked me what seems to be the problem as I go on to explain my situation to her she informs me that she remembers hearing of my situation from Saturday and working with Chris which at this point I can only assume the situation was the talk of the store and how much of a shitshow the situation is .....After a few phone calls couple Hang Ups and being told by reps my account doesn't exist Emily contact somebody and is informed that Chris misled me or misunderstood them that it wasn't 3 to 4 hours but 48 working business days/ hours to resolve this situation. Whatever the hell that means I always assumed big businesses like Verizon worked 3 shifts a day Monday through Friday guess I'm wrong or am I ?

Okay so now it's August 30th 2017 it's been well over the 48 working business days/ hours
Assuming they work one shift Monday through Friday. So after waiting and frustration and repeated emails to Chris . I get back on the phone today and the process starts all over again hung up on redirected finally get a hold of somebody . I'm informed by the representative that my phone number can never be given back to me it's gone for good and in order to get refunded my money for the month that I paid even though he can see on his computer that I paid for this month and that my phone service is shut off that the only way I can get that money back from Verizon and returned to my account is to open another account with Verizon under a different number because again mine's gone can never be retrieved again. So upon doing that then they would be able to return my money

At this point I have no idea how many jobs/leads for work I've missed out on

Moral of the story is Verizon customer care service is a complete SHIT SHOW and don't give a damn about their customers!!!!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 25F6BD

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