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01/18/18 | 10:58AM
Donít buy your son or daughter a Verizon phone.

For many years my wife, my daughter, my son, and I all owned Verizon phones. One by one, we transferred to other carriers, until the only phone on the Verizon account was my daughterís. Then, early in 2017, ownership of the Verizon account was officially transferred through Verizon from myself to my daughter. My daughter was well into adulthood at the time. Imagine my surprise when Verizon reported negative information on me to a credit agency many months later. Since the account was transferred to my daughter, I had not received a bill, a late notice, or a collection notice from Verizon. Imagine my greater surprise when Verizon told the credit agency that the negative report was accurate. When I owned the account, I sometimes made payments from a bank account I had linked to it, but I removed that payment method before the account was transferred. I donít even know the credentials of the account to be able to communicate with Verizon about it. I wrote to Verizon and if you can believe it, a Verizon executive called me and spent an hour commiserating with me because he had once been reported to a collection agency for a student loan. However, he refused to remove the negative information from my credit report. After I posted an earlier version of this review on another website, another Verizon executive left me multiple messages that my e-mail address and telephone number do not match the e-mail address and telephone number on the account. Itís hard to know where dishonesty ends and stupidity begins. But to me, the lesson is clear: Donít buy your son or daughter a Verizon phone.

Aaron T. of Keeseville, NY - Verizon H8er ID: BBD4A9

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