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01/25/18 | 1:18AM
Terrible Internet and They Don't Care

I live with my mother in a small suburb in Maryland. We've always had bad Verizon internet (DSL, but only a tiny trickle at about 100-150KBs)...but something tells me they'll never fix it. We called about internet trouble one day (worse than usual garbage internet) and they seemed all nice and said they would upgrade us and they did. For a while I was enjoying 250-500KBs (still crap, but less crap). Then...a few months later, it started acting up. It kept cutting of and on inexplicably for no reason, getting progressively worse and barely staying on with the modem light blinking (disconnected) all the time. One day I got so mad at it, I stabbed the "reset" button with a pen smashing it to bits (which didn't seem to have any effect on it). We called again for trouble and they verified our modem was a bit old and could be failing. So they sold us a new "fancy" modem for $60. When we go to set it up, it immediately fails. Then...they have the audacity...to tell us "you don't qualify for your internet speed in your area" as if 500KBs were hard for them(and after already selling us a new modem), their bare minimum plan here is supposed to be at least that speed! So they put us back on the even slower internet (still on it)! I should have told them if that's the case then their system doesn't qualify for use in the modern world! I don't think they have any signal boosters at all in the nearby city! And I heard from my aunt in the same state that she has the same problem of them keeping her on trash internet (she works at a bank and has enough money)! Not sure about hers exactly, but ours doesn't even meet the minimum of the plan!

Another incident is when the phone started cutting out, and while they did fix it, they charged us a service fee ($10) because a squirrel chewed the wire on a nearby street! Really?! That's your problem, not ours Verizon!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 407E2F

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01/27/18 | 0:49AM
Verizon is blocking a shit load of websites, NET NEUTRALITY...

VerizonsucksCock - Verizon H8er ID: B82F89

01/27/18 | 6:25AM
They also hold Monopoly in several areas... The more you know

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 19FEB1

03/29/19 | 3:07AM
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GrigoriyOpele - Verizon H8er ID: 231B8F

04/04/19 | 13:52PM

Aftent - Verizon H8er ID: 977A68

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