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02/10/18 | 4:32AM
Couldn't call 911 from my home

Verizon is the worst service I've ever had. On January 20th I got a NEW phone and just activated it that morning in the store. A few hours later i was at home and started getting death threats from a psychopath meth head drug dealer I used to know. I called 911 but my call was cutting out. The call dropped. I called back. Same thing. Finally I got to a place where I could talk but I made the mistake of walking to the window to check outside and then they lost me again. I had to go outside to get a decent signal to talk to the police. While someone was saying they'd be here any sec to murder me. Obviously I'm still alive but I wish I wasn't because I STILL AM TALKING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE ABOUT THIS AND OTHER GARBAGE!!! I had to change my phone number, when I was asking to restore my old number just to see if I could they just cut off my new number and reactivated my old one when I didn't give them permission. Now the police/my lawyer/anyone I've met over the past few weeks can't contact me. If I was suicidal I would kill myself and blame Verizon because it's all their fault my life has been hell.

Miss Solo Dolo - Verizon H8er ID: 41DFF9

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