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02/10/18 | 4:32AM
Couldn't call 911 from my home

Verizon is the worst service I've ever had. On January 20th I got a NEW phone and just activated it that morning in the store. A few hours later i was at home and started getting death threats from a psychopath meth head drug dealer I used to know. I called 911 but my call was cutting out. The call dropped. I called back. Same thing. Finally I got to a place where I could talk but I made the mistake of walking to the window to check outside and then they lost me again. I had to go outside to get a decent signal to talk to the police. While someone was saying they'd be here any sec to murder me. Obviously I'm still alive but I wish I wasn't because I STILL AM TALKING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE ABOUT THIS AND OTHER GARBAGE!!! I had to change my phone number, when I was asking to restore my old number just to see if I could they just cut off my new number and reactivated my old one when I didn't give them permission. Now the police/my lawyer/anyone I've met over the past few weeks can't contact me. If I was suicidal I would kill myself and blame Verizon because it's all their fault my life has been hell.

Miss Solo Dolo - Verizon H8er ID: 41DFF9

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03/17/18 | 23:17PM
Jesus christ... isn\'t that completely against the law for Verizon to not cover 911 at all times? I think they are legally OBLIGATED to cover emergency numbers, EVEN IF YOU AREN\'T PAYING FOR THEIR SERVICE. They could literally be sued for this specific thing. But of course, they would never be punished, because they are worth billions of dollars (that is, of course, undeserved). Verizon is a complete mindf*ck, and now I can\'t even access much of the normal internet because they\'re blocking my connection to at least 25% of the sites I try to visit normally. I only have a connection to this site because I am literally using TOR to connect. Otherwise via a direct connection, I\'d be screwed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 84E319

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AaronAlcop - Verizon H8er ID: 267C92

01/04/19 | 19:06PM
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CurtisLep - Verizon H8er ID: 14BEA1

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