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02/21/18 | 23:19PM
Story 2

So I go into some store to get a new phone. I think maybe it was Sears at the mall. Anyway, I just want to get the most inexpensive phone because I usually run them over or lose them anyway. I ask the sales drone for the cheapest phone. He says, "You want one with a camera"? I of course ask him if that is the cheapest phone. He says,"No". so right away I got this guy pegged for a moron. "Dude-Give me the cheapest phone you got. So the moron goes on to tell me the cheapest one will be on sale tomorrow for $40. So I go,"Ok. I'll be back tomorrow. I come back next day (25 miles each way) and he asks me for my phone number. I ask why you need my phone number. He tells me so he can sign me up for another year on my plan. I MOTHERFUCKED him up and down and threw a goddamn phone at him.

Roswell Bob - Verizon H8er ID: FDC663

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03/06/18 | 7:32AM
They don\'t do contracts anymore. What do you mean another year on your plan? And also.. Asking for the cheapest phone doesn\'t say much... Do you want a cheap basic phone, cheap smartphone?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 32E05F

03/08/18 | 0:45AM
get rekt verizon

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EDACDE

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