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02/21/18 | 23:40PM
Story 3B

So I go down to the local Verizon and everything is working fine. They tell me it's probably because the service plan slows down after so many Gigs have gone by. Kid seemed like he knows what is going on, so I was ok with his answer and left. A little time goes by and new billing period arrives. Speed still sucks. I get Drone 3 on the phone. He wants to know how many bars I got. I tell him 2 and he says good. He has me try and get to the battery compartment to reset the micro or something. He gives me some bogus instructions. I ask him if he knows what model it is that I have. He reels off the model number so we're good. He keeps up with the instructions which don;t make any sense. I tell him I don't think there is a battery that is accessible. He says, "Oh-yea." That's when I totally lost it. I told him if he is on the phone helping a customer he should know the product. He tells me that he doesn't know everything. So of course that is my chance to let him know is is a certified moron who doesn't know anything.

Roswell Bob - Verizon H8er ID: 9894A5

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