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05/02/18 | 1:44AM
Business going under

I have I have spent two and a half hours on the phone this evening with Verizon idiocy. Most of it on hold with annoying messages and music because they disconnected my phone and internet service due to nonpayment but here's the thing I did pay them and I have the bank statements showing that they took my money yet I lost time and money due to their error!! Now I am writing this while I am STILl on hold because they say I owe them $600 when in reality I owe them nothing!! I have gone around and around from chat to phone to financial services and back to customer service and now I am on hold again with the annoying music and message telling me how busy they are. Their idea of a solution is I shut down my business for a day and drive to the nearest corporate office which is 90 miles round trip to show them my bank statements. I am paying for two services i no longer need because they are still under contract and I would have to pay them to get out of the contract!!ok well I have given up its bedtime I am just wondering if I have any chance of suing when my business goes under because of their fuckup if not I guess I will just live under a bridge anybody else out there hanging by a thread gotten shot down by Verizon??

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FB3DFF

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05/02/18 | 8:18AM
You ain\'t seen nothing yet. Wait until they send you to collections.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0BE2AC

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