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06/10/18 | 1:55AM
Why verizon is a 4 letter word ####

I found out that about 2-3 years ago that the wifi and cell signal strength in my house all of a sudden went from good to really bad. I can stand next to my wifi-cell extender and not get a decent signal. We call Verizon and complain and they want us to buy another extender.
I don't understand why all of a sudden we lost our neighborhood repeater and that they couldn't replace or fix it. I know why now. They want you to buy more tech that ultimately doesn't work. Why did my cell signal strength went from 4-5 bars for a long time down to 1-2. I would call Verizon and they would just say that that's the way it is. Give me a f##king break.
Verizon just wants to VERIZARAPE YOU as much as they can. They want your money-money-money. They want to make sure that the board of directors and major stockholders make insane amounts of money at pour expense.
I hate verizon and I need to stop writing because I know that.......

DJP - Verizon H8er ID: 87AFC4

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06/13/18 | 7:58AM
tech changes and you need new equipment. you had the old 3g extender... gotta get the new 4g ones. thats life....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CD7B9D

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