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06/11/18 | 0:57AM
cell phone internet

hi all..i live in the sticks of V.A. and land line's were put in around the mid 70's..so there are always crackling and they send a agent out and yea they would say it was a wire in the box out at the road.. but the crackling in phone line continue's to this day..(will never get fixed because verizon will never run lines down this road again)..ok enough about land line's from me.. i have a cell phone from verizon (you may ask why..im in the sticks i dont have multiple options on who i can have as a cell carrior or phone service or electric company for that matter.. im out here) and i have the unlimited data plan from them as it is my only source of internet out here..so this is the thing after 20 gigs of data used they dial me back..i use another 5 or 10 gig dialed back even more..atm i get about 15 kbs download and upload around 6 MBs ..i called once to ask if the tower was medding up and i was lucky enough to get this realy rude woman who told me i was being deprioritiezed..and i asked what she ment she sayed in your contract it say i was only garanteed up too 750 kbs.. me being still retarded about it i went yea but im only getting 40 kbs..and she quickly sayed yea we garante up to 750 kbs 0 being part of the up too..and i asked so u can cut me off and she sayed full stop..after that i have personaly hated verizon... i find it hard to even call verizon support after that call... so yea the unlimited contract is pritty much BS in a nutshell..

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 51BCC6

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03/15/19 | 5:56AM

Brianunest - Verizon H8er ID: 4D1C08

06/11/19 | 23:57PM
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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 2A74FF

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