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06/24/18 | 20:30PM
Wireless mafia.......VERIZON

I want to share my dealings with Verizon to you for the last 20 YEARS!! That's right....due to my own stupidity!

I originally opened the account in 1998. My average bill for several phones was in the $300 to $400 range at the very end. Do the math....crazy!

What did I learn in 20 years??

Here you go:

1. The reps will flat out lie when they tell you that they will credit you for an overcharge that you did not authorize.

2. They manipulate the data measuring software causing you to increase every month so they can sell you more and more data. Unbelievable. I have records to prove it. One month, I specifically turned off the hotspot to test my theory and they still charged me saying that someone had pirated my hotspot and they were stealing data. LOL. They told me that even if the hot spot is off, it can still be accessed. UNREAL!! So I still had to pay.
There is no way that this can be proven in consideration that they own and control their software and can get it to say anything and you will never know the true amount of data they you are truly using. There is no government system of regulating their systems. At the end of the day we are at their mercy and we have to pay regardless.

3. The network has more dead zones than you can imagine. Bad cell towers yet they claim that they are the best...LOL

4. Super expensive plans. why??? their service stinks and then some.

5. Abusive fees. They beat you up on anything that they can come up with. Fees on top of fees. I had my account on autopay and they failed to collect the money when it was due and they shut off my lines. I called to complain and they said that there was a software error and they turned them back on. Once I received the bill they charged me an additional $85 for a re connection fee. I called them again and they argued with me that I was still responsible. Said that it was in the contract.They ended up splitting the $85 bucks....UNREAL!!

Verizon is the wireless MAFIA! They control everything with their criminal contracts that they get away with. They lobby the scumbags in DC in order to exploit the masses and hide behind their lawyers and for hire politicians.

I have since moved on to a much less expensive carrier and even got 4 free phones. My bill is less that $150 a month and 30 gigs of data. Prepay and no contract. Plus I even got cases for all phones and screen protectors.

Too bad there aren't any lawyers that are willing to split them wide open so the filth can fester...

Do yourself a favor....soon as your MAFIA contract is over......RUN!!

Good luck to you....

A lucky Verizon Mafia survivor.

Survivor - Verizon H8er ID: FF21BC

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06/27/18 | 19:54PM
Free phones? yuk... you want things for free? and I have verizon with 4 lines and I pay $160 not much more than you AND with better service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C73B57

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