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06/27/18 | 22:10PM
Verizon Can't Hear You Now!

I've had a prepaid Verizon account for over a year. Recently it became important for me to receive voicemails, but people told me my "voicemail box wasn't set up".

I tried to correct this, but to do that I needed my "voice mailbox number" which is supposed to be my phone number. BUT the phone robot help said it wasn't correct.

I've searched the nets, both for help and a place to rant. Verizon has "forums" with questions and answers about this very subject. But they're 2 years old and LOCKED.

Basically they said one must call a number to get ones own account number. BUT that option results in nothing but silence, for up to 20 minutes.

Someone told me to go to a Verizon retail store.
Apparently now THAT is the only way. Someone has to log into a special account and retrieve it for you.

Next step!!! Take said account number to a new carrier. BUT the new carrier says the account number Verizon gave me is "invalid"

Verizon I hope you burst spontaneously into flames.

DexterIsMyHero - Verizon H8er ID: 472CE1

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