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08/17/18 | 1:05AM
They can't provide what I pay for

I live in the sticks and Verizon is the only way to get any internet other than dial-up. Prior to their so-called "unlimited" plan, they didn't do such a bad job, with speeds of at least 2mb per second, but shortly after "unlimited" everything went to hell and they do nothing to address the problem. Download speeds of 0.07mbs or 0.30mbs are common. 1mbs is a good night, while upload speeds are consistently around 3mbs at any given time.

I run a bitmeter and do regular speed tests and it is obvious what is going on, but their customer service people make like it's some sort of weird fluke that my speeds are so slow. I had one lady tell me it was because of "traffic" passing through my area, as if some sort of convoy was driving down the road every night streaming videos! Another one told me to get in my car and drive closer to the tower, located in the middle of a field, a mile from my house, in the dead of winter, with my laptop! These guys need sued--they know they can't handle what they have and take our money, anyways.

I've read the clause in their contract--does that include them taking business when they know they don't have the resources? Nobody in my area gets decent service from these clowns and we all pay out the ass.

Blurnieghey - Verizon H8er ID: A59EDC

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08/18/18 | 3:03AM
Thank you!!! I am ready to pull my hair out!! The Mifi has no problem telling you that you have gone over the limit but you don\'t get shit for service to even check a freaking email. Ugh!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B7AAC9

03/31/19 | 19:13PM

shevronpiosin - Verizon H8er ID: D5437A

04/09/19 | 7:38AM
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sueip1 - Verizon H8er ID: D7A14A

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