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09/03/18 | 21:27PM
FIOS craziness

So here's my rant.

I've had FIOS at my residence for years, and my billing cycle was up on June 22. I contacted Verizon on June 19th and told them that I needed to end my service effective June 22. I was no longer under any yearly contract, and I would only have to pay for that billing cycle (the one ending on June 21). The rep said that I could keep the FIOS until Monday, June 25th, however, as I said I needed it to be in touch with people regarding my move on June 25th (I use OOMA). He said that that was fine, that he could shut my service off and that I could have those few extra days and there'd be no charge...

...only to get a bill from Verizon at my new address, several states away, stating that because I used FIOS for a few days into my billing cycle, they charge for the whole month. I had saved the name of the rep and what he had said, the date I called, the time, etc. I called the customer service call center and spoke with "the" manager of the whole center, and he informed me that the rep must have misspoken, that no notes were made on my account, and that I have to pay. "That's the policy", he said.

I'm agog because after being told in detail what was going to happen by a rep whose name I saved, and the date and time of the call I had notated, it still amounts to them charging me. The manager said there's no one else to complain to other than to take Verizon to arbitration.

Am I just going to have to pay, and this is the end of the line, or is there any other possibility I can exhaust? It makes me so freaking angry that this happened, and that at least to my mind, it wasn't my fault. Thanks for any advice!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A5D549

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03/13/19 | 7:10AM
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Artholeslemi - Verizon H8er ID: 913A78

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