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03/31/11 | 21:43PM
I don't like verizon!!!!!!!!

I dislike verizon after the company claimed I owed money I sent proof of payment twice!!! And they wore me down so I sent in a double payment to clear all this CRAP up. Yep, I paid the bill they CLAIM I hadn't paid a second time! Then they TOOK almost $300 from my checking account when I decided to switch to Internet only, when I ONLY authorized them to take the Internet $ out. And they won't refund my money. I have to wait 17 days,  they say this is POLICY!!!! And I still don't know if I'm getting a refund, in fact I have no idea what will happen in 17 days. And when someone at verizon gets tired of talking to you, they put you on hold and transfer you to another person. I was transferred 5 times in an hour. So now I have to start from the beginning and tell the whole thing all over again!!!!! So, here's the score: anneZERO!!!! Verizon: $138 plus $260plus $283. The $138 is the disputed payment, my money they already have and lie about. And I only owed them $130 for last month and $57.99 for my new internet. Unbelievable. And don't they offer phone service? They had the WORST connection, I could hardly hear them. And the world's slowest computers, too!!! It seems to take them forever to get information about you in front of them. And their internal organization sucks,too!!! You can only have some questions answered by sales, some by billing, some by financial. It's a miracle they can stay in business. Oh yeah, they just steal money from people, that's how they stay in business!!!! Really, you'd think they would have state of the art stuff. But they suck!!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 31A115

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04/14/11 | 0:05AM
My wait for a refund was 3 months after Verizon used multiple delay tactics. Any prospective Verizon client should run in the opposite direction.

ExVerizon client - Verizon H8er ID: AC0C51

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