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10/18/18 | 5:10AM
Verizon, the next #metoo. The victims? The customers.

Sales rep sold me a phone. I purchased it from a Verizon store on the understanding that I could use it with my Metro PCS service. This turned out to be a mistake. They lied. They will not unlock your phone to use for other carriers.

When you tell them you just want the phone, not the service, they sell you a pre-paid phone. The pre-paid phone is impossible to unlock with other services. They will lie and tell you that it is unlocked. I still remember the shifty looks on the faces of those creeps who sold me this fucking thing. I should have known then.

If you try to call customer support from your pre-paid phone, it is impossible to get to a person, the menu is 100% automated. You can get to a person by calling the post-pay customer service line and dialing 0#0#. I only know this because I went to a Verizon store and the man told me this. From there you might be able to convince them to transfer you to a pre-pay customer service line with an actual person, but you need to have really good people skills. All of the different branches and menus on this customer service system are like a labyrinth, it's like Legends of the Hidden Temple.

I managed to get through to a pre-pay customer service person (or someone claiming to be one, probably just the janitor for all I fucking know). What a beauty of a lie they told me then. They said in 24 hours I would receive a text message with a number that I can use to unlock the phone. Well, guess what didn't happen after 24 hours. They said it just to get me off the phone.

I went to a verizon store to try to get help with this and they just referred me to their bullshit customer service system. I waited in their store until someone would actually pick up for me. Now, I swear I could not make this up if I wanted to. It was 7:30. The closing time is 8:00. The creeps starting trying to rush me out the store. "We're closing, sir."
"Closing time is 8:00."
"We want to close early."
"Yeah, you want to close early, so you can go home and enjoy the rest of your night? Kind of like how I wanted to enjoy my day but instead I had to deal with this phone bull shit. Fuck you."

Boy would I like to throw a brick through their fucking window.

I'd love to meet the CEO of Verizon and shit on his whore mother for giving birth to him. Scum bags. Oh wait, I know who the CEO is, Brett Kavanaugh.

The whole verizon company should really be the next #metoo. If you're a customer, you're getting raped.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 285136

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03/07/19 | 4:58AM


Williamclato - Verizon H8er ID: 6EB025

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