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04/01/11 | 15:41PM
Verizon IS Satan...

i only have verizon so i can have internet because they are the ONLY game in town :(. I called them end of january to upgrade my internet speed and was told my bill would increase by only $5 monthly. got my 1st bil and it went up $50!! they changed my home phone service as well - called it bundling and still claimed it would only increase my bill by $5. they were too busy to help me to put my account back the way it was - said it was too time comsuming. i filed a complaint with the SCC. i finally got a "nice" person on the line at verizon and she fixed my account, putting my phone service back to what i had and kept my increased internet speed - or so i thought. 2 weeks later i lost my increased internet speed and got an email that the changes i made to my internet were now in effect. what changes???? i checked my internet spped and it was put back to 750 mbps. i called AGAIN! got another rude employee (HAS to be a job requirement) who gave me back the higher speed internet and made no changes to my home phone service. got my bill yesterday and there was $165 early termination fee - WTF????? i never canceled ANYTHING nor did i give verizon permission to disconnect anything - they are sneaky because they waited until after 30 days to reduce my speed so they could butt fuck me with a huge fee. i filed complaints yesterday with Verizon, the SCC, the FTC and the BBB - incompetence abounds at verizon. if i cannot get consumer protection from these consumer protection agencies guess i'll have to get a lawyer. the worst thing is they say they record their calls and when i called them i was told i "must have misunderstood" what i was told - and each time i demanded they pull their tapes and listen to the calls and each time they refused.

debi moore - Verizon H8er ID: D83752

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04/01/11 | 16:28PM
What's the SCC? Do you mean FCC, federal communications commission?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B80AD5

04/14/11 | 0:02AM
Typical Verizon nightmare for innocent consumer. The definition of Verizon is "arrogant bastards."

ExVerizon client - Verizon H8er ID: A18220

04/19/19 | 18:19PM

JosephSulky - Verizon H8er ID: 732A79

05/15/19 | 5:10AM
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gretads69 - Verizon H8er ID: 4B7D91

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