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04/03/11 | 4:36AM

I ordered one of the internet bundles being offered by Verizon on March 21, 2011. I ordered the 15mbps/phone bundle for $54.99/mo for two years. It took a few days to finalize the order because when I first saw the deal online I tried to order it on my own to avail of their promotion but I couldn't access the deal even though it displayed on the webpage that it's available at m y address. I ended up chatting online and was told I should upgrade to Fios. I said I couldn't afford it and secondly why would I pay $15 to $20 additional dollars for the speed under Fios which is also 15mbps but for $69.99. It didn't make sense to pay extra for the same speed. The representative ended up telling me I should call Verizon and talk to a representative and place my order that way. On Mar. 21, 2011 I called verizon spoke to a representative and ordered the bundle for regular high speed internet 15mpbs/phone for $54.99. On March 28, the technicians were sent to my house to install my internet connection. That night I learned that they installed Fios instead of the regular high speed connection. I called a few days later to let them know that I did not order Fios and that I want them to correct their mistake. I told them I cannot pay the amount they're asking and I want only a DSL connection because I don't want to get rid off my copper connection. I want to be able to have other choices in the future. Now they're telling me that they cannot switch me back to DSL under Verizon. Now they're also telling me that DSL is not available in my area. I told them I would have not ordered DSL if it weren't available and they should have not taken my order if DSL is not available. Does this mean they meant to never honor my order and mislead me into thinking that I was getting the service I ordered when in fact I'm not? I haven't received my bill but now I wonder how much they would have charged me. When I called I was informed that the program I'm under is the $69.99/mo for the first six months and then $79.99 after that for the next six months. I told them I was very specific to order DSL and not Fios because of the price. I also told them I wanted the freedom to choose another DSL provider in the future that's why I chose their standard internet connection. Verizon said I can still do that. I checked with a DSL provider and their saying they cannot provide me with service because of my Fios connection. I probably won't be as mad as I am now if Verizon was up front and honest with what they were going to do. Instead they were underhanded, they hid the fact that they were planning to install Fios and mask it under high speed internet until the promotion ran out or who knows, I haven't received my first bill so they could have just billed me for the Fios service without me agreeing to it. I'm now in the process of getting Verizon to correct the situation and honor what my original order. I want them to restore my old phone connection and connect me to DSL. I'm waiting for their call to see how they will rectify the situation. I've talked them three times thus far and they still haven't given me a solution I can accept. Please let me know if there's a class action lawsuit being filed against Verizon. Is there anyone out there who has some legal knowledge and who has the time to represent those who have been taken advantage of because they have no means to fight deep pocketed companies like Verizon? I will update the status of my case as Verizon and I come to solution I can be happy with.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 657213

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04/03/11 | 16:30PM
Depending on the locality and union contract it could be subcontractors just trying to ram home a completed job for credit. Or a computerized internet order automatically gets sent to the dept or contractors handling Fios only. Sounds like Verizon itself had an 'ooops' while accidently on purpose trying to get rid of yet another pesky copper wire customer.

You must remember that Verizon wants nothing to do with their copper wire plant. Once it's usage level gets below a certain point they'll either sell it or just maintain it for voice. You can get away with crappy plant if it's used just for voice.

I'd contact the state utility regulators and tell them Verizon isn't delivering what they promised.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2933CB

04/03/11 | 17:55PM
A couple more things. When they say DSL is not available in your area what happend to your old DSL line? Are they lying or is their record keeping that incompetent?

Another thing when you say set-up for FIOS did they remove your existing inside wire(which they do in many areas during a FIOS install). And did they leave the copper wire drop from your house to their pole/terminal?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2933CB

04/03/11 | 19:33PM
They DO-NOT remove your inside wire when Fios is installed. You need the existing inside wire even with Fios..................Fios is fiber optic drop to your house to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal)then copper from there. The only thing Verizon will do is run new coax to the TV if the existing coax is inferior. And run Cat5 or Cat6 wire for your PC if you do not already have it. Believe me.....Verizon will not remove any exsiting customer owned inside wire. I know, I worked for them for over 20 years before I retired. AND in some cases the techs are so lazy they won't remove the copper drop even after installing Fios. I have had to go to customers homes to remove the copper drop because the Fios tech didn't do it.

Also..if you had DSL and now they say your area doesn't support it, their records are wrong OR another company provided your DSL through Verizon's lines. You need to find out who provided you with DSL (Damn Slow Line).

PS...Get broadband through your internet provider if you can. It may be a bit more expensive but it's much more reliable and faster than DSL. I don't have DSL even when I was employed by Verizon, I use Comcast in my area. That says alot when one of their own techs will have nothing to do with DSL.

Good luck. I hope you post your update here so I can see how you made out.

Former Vz Tech.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: B6FB7B

04/03/11 | 23:30PM
My source tells me they not only removed the wire they were upfront about it beforehand making customers sign a document to that effect. He was in a completely different region of country at the time so maybe it was local thing in the early stages of deployment. SOP in one district might not be SOP in another. Maybe it was the contractors doing it or a local office didn't want customers switching back I don't know. But he swears to this to this day

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2933CB

04/04/11 | 3:13AM
That could be. I,m in Mass. No contractors here all Vz union techs. I have been retired for a couple years but that could be a practice in other parts of the country. Anyway..DSL STILL *****SUCKS*****

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: B6FB7B

04/07/11 | 7:13AM
Well I called Verizon a few more times and I finally got a supervisor to talk to me after 30 minutes waiting for him to get on the line. I explained what happened all over again and he said there's no way they will restore my copper wires. He said verizon spent way too much time and money to install fiber optics to my house so there's no way they'll come back and re-install copper. I told them I didn't give verizon permission to cut my copper wire. He responded with it's verizon's property, they can do what ever they want with it.

We argued for another 30 minutes as he kept insisting I was the one who made the mistake on my own order. I told him I called them right away when I found out about the mistake. I even told him that they should listen to their recorded calls to confirm my order was for a DSL connection not fios. I told him to access the recorded calls to confirm my order. They warn us that calls are recorded so why not access it? They have the day and time I ordered so they should go back to the conversation. He said only 10% of calls are recorded and most likely my call was not recorded. He also argued that the deal that i'm talking about is not being offered by verizon. I had to tell him check online right now and look at your own website. We argued again back and forth until he finally agreed to check. He was able to confirm that I was right. But he still refused to do anything to correct the situation.

After some more arguing back and forth he asked to put me on hold to learn more about the history of my order. After more than half an hour waiting he got back on the phone, calmer this time, and he offered me two things. He offered me $100+/mo with tax&fees included for a certain number of months, i don't remember how many, or I can file a complaint with verizon's "customer arbiter" group. I told him why would I pay that amount when I could've paid half if they would have only installed what I ordered. Now my next step is to file a complaint because I didn't accept the offer.

A lot of people are responding with dsl sucks it's slow and so forth. The thing is I'm not only upset about being deceived by verizon but what i'm most upset about is how they took away my "freedom to choose" as a consumer. Removing my access to dsl limits my choice from now on. If I ordered fios and the consequence was to give up access to dsl forever then it's on me. I have no one to blame. But I didn't choose to be in this situation. The speed is the least of my concern. I still have a subscription to dslextreme at less than 1mbps but the speed doesn't bother me. What bothers me is now it's no longer working because verizon took away that connection.
This is more than dsl vs fios. This is about the basic right of freedom of choice. I'm sure my situation is not unique. How many other people have they taken advantage of and who will fight for those people?

MISLEAD - Verizon H8er ID: 657213

04/07/11 | 15:29PM
Sounds like they cut the drop from your property to the pole which is Verizon's property. But unless you actually signed a contract for or agreed to FIOS they should either restore the copper drop for DSL or offer a DSL speed at DSL prices on fiber. Verizon's the one that wants the fiber network, not you.

You mention Verizon Arbitrator Group. For arbitration you usually have to agree to it in a contract. So if you didn't sign a FIOS contract how can they hold you to arbitration. This is not a fios matter.

This is basically bait and switch. Not only would I report them to the state utility regulators and FCC I think I would also report them to the local BBB or even FTC since they're trying to ram an optional service down your throat. This is a bad business practice period.

Sidenote. After the breakup of 84 they're were still alot of people who had a party line or party line rate even though it was not actual shared line. Until those customers voluntarily made a switch in service or moved the local bell still had to honor that rate. This is probably how they're getting out of restoring your previous service-you made a change. Although if a verbal phone order is considered an agreement/contract you still should a have a time period to cancel. In theory anyway that drop shouldn't have been cut until any grace periods were over and all matters settled.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2933CB

04/08/11 | 2:54AM
I also ordered internet and phone service, I know before installation I recieved email confirmations and a phone call confirming FIOS installation-- exactly what I ordered. Check for email confirmation for your order it probably states fios does it not ?
just wondering. My services are fabulous btw

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BB086A

04/28/11 | 2:17AM
Cancel your Fios service completely. Tell them you want the Fios drop AND ONT removed from your house. Then wait a few days if you can then order regular phone service w/DSL and see if they generate an installation order. If so, when the tech shows up he will have to install a new drop wire and NID (Network Interface Device). HA...the joke is on them.

Remember.......Verizon OWNS the drop wire and Network Interface at the side of your house so they can remove it if you like it or not.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: B6FB7B

07/31/11 | 11:55AM
Verizon lost ALL of my business several years ago when we moved and they could not provide DSL service. The customer service rep told me they would cancel my contract with no penalty and to keep the equipment, NOT send it back (why would I want it?). A year later I received a call from a collection agency because verizon charged me $100+ for the equipment. After contacting verizon they verified in their records that I was told NOT to send the equipment back and they would rectify the fees/collection issue. After 1 full year(!!!!) of dealing with verizon, I finally rectified the collection issue. One customer rep I dealt with told me I was "stupid" to think I didn't have to send back the equipment!
So now flash forward several years and I need to have work done to my house, right where the wires are attached from the street. Verizon has now not shown up for 2 days, both days with appointments and the most recent representative I spoke with told me that they work 12 hour shifts and just haven't gotten to it. I tried to explain I have scheduled and cancelled the builder around their appointments AND that one of verizon's utility boxes is at the end of my road so they are here every single day. She told me that I could wait and she will have some customer advocate call me next week or I can have a supervisor call me back within 2 hours. No call from that supervisor...what a surprise! I wonder how many people they have duped?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 212462

02/27/14 | 20:38PM
I had them lie to me about price to downgrade my package to internet only and then try to stall me while on the phone hoping that i would just give up and not downgrade finally i got so mad after having to call multiple times and being lied to i just cancelled everything and went with optimum internet only and saved myself a lot of money.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F16DBE

04/09/19 | 17:02PM
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