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04/05/11 | 3:11AM
Former Alltel Customer

I used to be an "Alltel" customer. I had years of great service. I was faithful and grateful to them, and they returned the favor with good phone service, acceptable customer service, and a local place to get that service if I didn't want to sit on hold. Then Verizon bought them out and ruined everything. I miss an average of 6 calls per day. The phone just doesn't ring anymore. I find out an hour later that I have a voicemail (if I'm lucky) and I can sit and call my wife's phone while I'm holding them both, each with good service (obviously, or mine wouldn't make the call) and it goes straight to voicemail. Once, I even tried to call all of our group's phones while we were all sitting together, and none would ring. 4 phones, sitting dormant, but still costing $50 each per month. I can't even complain because the nearest place is 35 miles away since they took away our ability to go to the Alltel place (which for some reason is still Alltel) to get help.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4AFC3B

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04/07/11 | 17:48PM
I'd definately file a complaint with the FCC or Federal Communications Commission. And if you have proof of missing or dropped calls I'd start asking for credits on the bill.

Verizon Wireless is definately spotty. I'm in an area dominated by Verizon and I get more dropped calls than in areas where Verizon probably had less than 20% of the market.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: ABE678

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