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04/01/19 | 4:37AM
Service turned off for upsell

My mom emails me today and says her wireless that she uses for her home internet (4g modem supports entire house) won't connect. I tell her plug it in turn it on all that no love. Then I look on the verizon site and the line attached to the modem has been changed to voice only. Hmm seems weird so I go to change it back. The only plans the site allows me to change it back to were tiered data plans, not unlimited. It is to force the user to call into high pressure upsell. They told me my unlimited plan was changed to a new one that my hotspot isn't eligible for and to buy shitloads more data at 20gb cap and $10/GB after. I lol'd and asked for proof I gave consent to any change which of course they couldn't produce and I caught them in a lie saying my bill shows a change that was complete made up bs same thing each bill.

So they changed it back and I wasted a few hours of my life so they could hammer my elderly mother for a fast upsell before the month ends and sales quotas are due.

I thank the horned red devil himself I was granted the opportunity to leave the hellhole I am from where vzw have complete isp monopoly.

Never again will I give them a dime of my hard earned buckaroos!

Hail Satan! \||/

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F321EC

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