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04/05/11 | 19:17PM
Double text hell

My phone started sending doubles of text messages, every two or three messages. I can't even begin to tell you the insanity I went through trying to get it fixed. Let's just say it went on for THREE years. How did I finally get it resolved? I called the Better Business Bureau. Within two days, Verizon was calling me, trying to get the issue resolved from their regional HQ in Pittsburgh. They assured me it was fixed. It wasn't. The next step? I happen to know the chief of staff for the Lt. Governor of my state. I told him what was going on, along with a state representative. They contacted a Verizon VP they did business with. Suddenly, Verizon is incredibly interested to fix my problem. One of their reps from the VP's office calls me up, tells me she's going to fix my problem: she's sending me a new phone. "That's it????" I said, flabbergasted. Three years of issues that the company attributed to an "account glitch" and a new phone suddenly fixes it? Yep. It fixed it. I only had to go through a Lt. Gov. to get it done. I would drop Verizon in a second, but I live in a very mountainous area and none of the other "local" providers give as much coverage. So basically I am held hostage by a gigantic lumbering incompetent megacorporation. From the bottom of my heart, Verizon, I say, "Go fuck yourselves."

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 37205F

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04/08/11 | 23:55PM
i'm sorry, but i really do not belive that this issue was happening for 3 years. did you even call verizon or go to a store so they could trouble shoot your phone, or did you just call customer service and complain? if you would have done troubleshooting within the first year of having the device, and it was determined that your phone had a manufactuer or technical defect, it would have been replaced under the warranty.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1F89B5

04/19/11 | 4:03AM
I feel u on this one...but try having your number show up as someone else's number each time you dial out....I told Verizon about this on 50 occassions and all they said was, power the phone off and power it back on....I told them they could kiss my ass cause when i power this phone off, it will not be powered back on because it will disconnected...thats just one of the dumbest issues I had to deal with...i have plenty more....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 461F54

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